Operator accused of running '˜third world service' after train chaos during Festival

Images shared by a disgruntled rail passenger have struck a chord with many readers who have joined in sharing their worst travel experiences.

Wednesday, 29th August 2018, 1:34 pm
Updated Thursday, 30th August 2018, 9:09 am

Lachie Robertson told of how he had to squeeze onto the last carriage of the 15:30 LNER train to London on Monday 27 August which saw people crammed in on the floor.

The images show passengers standing and sitting crouched anywhere they could find space.

Many readers have been quick to share their experiences of travel woe and it appears that our readers can relate.

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Rail passengers on a service to London post Festival

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Passenger shares pictures of Edinburgh Festival train chaos

Many shared their experiences on long distance trains to London and Aberdeen, with others relating to the images based on their experiences with Scotrail.

Shana Manzoor wrote: “This is Edinburgh -Dunblane train most of the time.”

Emma Currer added: “This is just my normal commute to work from Linlithgow to Edinburgh.”

Writing on the Evening News Facebook page, Tracey Johnstone wrote of the images: “This is normal outwith the festival and it’s not surprising it’s worse during!

“Just back from New York which is much more busier than anywhere including a festival but appear to cope.....why? Is that not better trying to take some tips from?”

Ruth Wilson related posting: “That is not any different from the Edinburgh - Aberdeen train at 4.30 on a normal train- just people that don’t normally use our substandard train service suddenly are subjected to the service we normally receive. Welcome to the new enlightened!”

Gavin Watt said that the issue was due to commuters waiting until the last moment to travel writing: “Unfortunately this will continue to happen every year at festival time. People have all day to travel in to Edinburgh on multiple services but all want to travel back on the last service at night. No matter how many carriages you put on, it would never be enough.”

Margot Johnston asked “How can that be legal, what about health and safety?”

Kirby Sains wrote: “I had this issue on London to Newcastle train recently. Somebody asked the train conductor why they sell so many more tickets than there are seats and he said its a government issue, not train company: they aren’t allowed to stop selling open tickets even when a passenger indicates they intend to use it on a service that is overbooked and severe overcrowding is the result. He was encouraging passengers to write to local members to complain so it could be raised in parliament as train companies are powerless.”

Ian R. McSherry added: “That’s ridiculous. In this day and age. That’s a third world operating standard.”