Rush hour returns as work from-home guidance relaxed

People across Scotland are expected to begin returning to the office as work from home guidance is relaxed.

Numbers are expected to be small at first as employers have been asked to implement a phased return to hybrid working.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon had advised workers to gradually return following the easing of restrictions.

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Speaking on the decision she said: “We would not expect to see a wholesale return to the office next week – indeed, given that the level of infection, though falling, remains high, a mass return at this stage is likely to set progress back. But we know there are many benefits to both employees and employers, and to the economy as a whole, in at least a partial return to the office at this stage.”

Pictures taken a few days apart before and after Scotland's work from home guidance was eased. Picture, Lisa Ferguson
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Deputy First Minister John Swinney urged people to check their travel arrangements before they leave for work, given the potential for storm-related disruption.

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While Storm Corrie has impacted public transport, it would appear that many are set to return to work in Edinburgh with two images taken a few days apart showing the traffic build up as workers return.

The pictures on the top image show the traffic build up on Thursday last week near Hermiston Gait, compared to the same time this morning.

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While the image shows a clear build up of traffic as workers return, it is thought that many will not yet have returned to the office with employers urged to ease the return to try and limit any spread of Covid.