ScotRail timetable changes: Buses to Dunfermline, Kirkcaldy and Glenrothes as trains between Fife and Edinburgh reduced

ScotRail has announced a new temporary timetable with significant cuts to trains travelling between Edinburgh and Fife – but what other transport options are on offer?

Starting on Monday, the rail operator will cut its services by one third, due to cancellations caused by a drivers’ pay dispute.

Train services linking Edinburgh and Fife will be affected, leaving many residents unsure of how to travel between the two areas without a car.

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Here are alternatives to rail travel in the towns most affected by the cuts.

North Queensferry

When the new timetable comes into effect, trains between Edinburgh and North Queensferry will only run once an hour during the day.

However, buses will still run regularly between the towns. Locals can catch one of five services, which include the X54, the X55, the X56B, the X58, and the X60.

To book a taxi to make the same journey, it would cost around £60 with Capital Cars, as quoted by

While Scotrail has announced temporary cuts to rail services, buses will still be running between Edinburgh and Fife.
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No guarantee ScotRail service cuts will be lifted in time for Edinburgh Festival
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Trains services linking Dunfermline and Edinburgh will also be reduced as a result of Scotrail’s temporary timetable.

However, there are several different bus services that locals can use. Megabus has two services – the M90 and the M92 – that run regularly between the Capital and the Fife town. Locals can also catch the X54, X56, X59, X60, and X61 buses.

A dispute over rest day working has caused Scotrail to introduce a temporary timetable.
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If buses don’t suit, getting a taxi will cost £69 if you book through Capital Cars or £76 with Edinburgh City Private Hire, according to


Services to and from Kirkcaldy and the Capital will be affected by the Scotrail cuts.

Instead of taking the train, locals can catch either the X58, the X60 or the X61. All of these bus services will take you from Kirkcaldy to Edinburgh and back.

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Another option for residents is to take a taxi, however, this is a pricey option. For a cab ride from Kirkcaldy to Edinburgh Waverley, Capital Cars would charge an £100 fare, according to, while booking through

Edinburgh City Private Hire would cost around £115.


When the new timetable comes into effect, trains to and from Edinburgh and Glenrothes will only run once an hour during the day.

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Alternatively, the X59 and the X54 bus services also travel between the two locations.

Getting a taxi would be an expensive option, as booking a cab with Edinburgh City Private Hire would cost £124, according to a quote from