Brexit: England seems to be declaring independence from UK – Angus Robertson

Unionists in Northern Ireland, Scotland and the rest of the UK have seemingly decided that Brexit is more important than the unity of the United Kingdom.

Tuesday, 22nd October 2019, 7:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 22nd October 2019, 7:58 am
Eyes of the nation will turn to the Houses of Parliament as MPs vote on Boris Johnson's Brexit deal. Picture: Pixabay

As with every passing day, England seems to be declaring independence from the rest of us. Tories north and south of the Border are doing their very best to speed up the process.

One year ago, the then Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson, and Scottish Secretary David Mundell, declared that there couldn’t be any difference between Northern Ireland and Scotland’s Brexit arrangements.

Although we both voted to remain in the European Union, it wouldn’t be right for Northern Ireland to effectively remain within the European single market while Scotland would be taken out.

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Ruth Davidson has called for Boris Johnson's Brexit deal to be accepted (Picture: Lisa Ferguson)

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What a difference 12 months makes. David Mundell has been sacked, Ruth Davidson has resigned and she has now called for Boris Johnson’s deal to be accepted, despite putting Scotland at a competitive economic and democratic disadvantage.

According to a new poll by Lord Ashcroft, more than three-quarters of Conservative Leave voters in England would rather the UK left the European Union than Scotland remained part of the UK.

The poll found 43 per cent believe Brexit makes Scottish independence more likely, with 23 per cent saying it makes no difference.

As far as I’m concerned it should happen sooner rather than later.