'˜Disruptive' man dressed as Tinkerbell removed from Ryanair flight

A man dressed as Tinkerbell was removed from a Ryanair flight at Stansted Airport due to 'disruptive' behaviour.

Two men, both passengers on the plane to Krakow, were removed by police ahead of departure on Friday morning, an airline spokesman said.

Another passenger, writing on Twitter, said a police officer “adjusted the man’s wings”, while a second man dressed as Bob the Builder was “exceptionally well behaved”.

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An Essex Police spokesman said officers provided assistance to Stansted Airport just before 10am on Friday.

“Two men had become disruptive on a plane,” the spokesman said. “They were co-operative on being asked to leave the aircraft.

“They scheduled a later flight to their destination.”

A Ryanair spokesman said: “This is exactly why we are calling for significant changes to prohibit the sale of alcohol at airports, such as a two-drink limit per passenger and no alcohol sales before 10am.

“It’s incumbent on the airports to introduce these preventative measures to curb excessive drinking and the problems it creates, rather than allowing passengers to drink to excess before their flights.”

A Stansted Airport spokesman said the flight departed after a short delay.

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