Parents sell their home to take kids on open-ended journey around the globe

A British couple are selling their house and possessions to take their children on an open-ended journey around the world.

Sunday, 23rd September 2018, 3:11 pm
Updated Monday, 24th September 2018, 8:51 am

Natalie and William Goodacre, both 30, are taking their two daughters, aged seven and eight, on an adventure through 20 different countries.

They plan to spend up to a month in each country as they travel from Dubai, India and Sri Lanka, through south east Asia to Australia, New Zealand and finishing in Fiji.

The couple will be using the money from the sale of their house and their possessions as well as currently saving and working until they leave in January next year.

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Married couple, Natalie and William Goodacre, of Lincoln, in Lincs., who have decided to sell their home and all their belongings so they can take their children, Bonnie (right) aged seven and Ava, aged eight, to travel around the world. Picture: SWNS

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Daughters Bonnie, seven, and Ava, eight, are currently home schooled in Lincoln, England and do not follow the traditional curriculum.

And Natalie, who co-run a magazine for home educating parents, believes the trip will be “an education like no other” for her children.

William Goodacre, of Lincoln, in Lincs., who has decided to sell his home and belongings he and his wife can take their children, Bonnie (pictured) aged seven and Ava, aged eight, to travel around the world. Picture: SWNS

She said: “We have an open ticket. We hope to travel for at least a year but who knows what may happen. It may be less, it may be more.

“We want to immerse ourselves in the cultures, sample the food, visit temples and landmarks.

“The children love anything to do with nature and animals, so lots of hiking and snorkelling, and studying the local wildlife.

“We hope to do some charity work, and visit local schools with the children so they can play with the children there and experience the different cultures first hand.”

Married couple, Natalie and William Goodacre's children, Bonnie (left) aged seven and Ava, aged eight. Picture: SWNS

The couple, who have been married for six years, believe travelling the world is the best form of education for their children.

Natalie and William, who works as an academic support assistant for pupils with autism, both have strong beliefs on positive parenting and express they have no intention of ever returning to a “nine till five trap”.

The family also plan to document their journey and experience on a blog.

Natalie said: “They’ll (children) be learning as we travel, their maths will be the currency exchanges, travel timetables, paying for things and budgeting.

“We are taking Kindles so our kids can read books and listen to audio books.

“They will learn languages as we travel and communicate, and gain cultural understanding from all of the different religions and the temples we will visit.

“And tons of world history and geography just from being in the countries.

“We believe that children are like sponges, they are extremely capable of learning and absorbing a vast amount of information just from being immersed in stimulating environments.

“It is our belief that there isn’t a need for formal education until much later in life.

“People have been concerned about the future for our girls when it comes to GCSEs and university.

“But I have to remind them that the girls are seven and eight years old. We feel at this age they will learn far more from our travels and gain vast life experience.

“School could never replicate the education and opportunities to learn we are giving them. There is plenty of time to worry about formal qualifications when they are older.”

The parents, who travelled together when they were both 19 before having children, feel life is too short to not experience what the world has to offer.

Natalie adds: “It has always been a huge dream of ours to travel the world.

“It is something we love.

“We have lost some very important people close to us and it has hammered home the fact that life is very short and you have to make the most of your time now, as you never know what is around the corner for you.”

But the family say they are excited for what is yet to come.

Natalie said: “The children are very excited. Ava wants to be a ‘scuba diving archaeologist’ when she grows up and is so happy she is going to be snorkelling with sea turtles and sharks.

“Bonnie says that she is really excited to see the giant gold Buddha and the elephants, and lots and lots of monkeys.

“Life is an adventure that we want to make the most of, and we want to show our girls the world, all of it the good, the bad and the beautiful.”