Vandals tear down Da Vincei rapist’s aerial in fresh attack

VIGILANTES have scuppered the Da Vinci rapist’s attempts to watch the Olympics by ripping the TV aerial from his roof.

The sex offender’s only means of viewing the Games would have been through his television as his restrictions prohibit internet access.

But protesters arrived yesterday to find the aerial hanging limply from the chimney, pictured above right – as well as two newly-replaced windows smashed at his secluded cottage.

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The incidents occurred just hours after Greens emerged from the property before being driven away by an older man in a red Skoda.

Police had only recently launched an investigation into previous acts of vandalism in which several windowpanes were smashed last weekend. However, no complaints have as yet been made in relation to these subsequent incidents.

Protest leader Kelly Parry said: “We are not calling for anyone to attack his property.

“We have worked so hard to be a peaceful protest that it is frustrating to have it ruined by vigilantes.”

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