Edinburgh hour-by-hour weather forecast: When to expect snow this weekend

Scotland is bracing itself for blizzards and freezing temperatures following the release of a yellow warning from the Met Office.

Friday, 14th December 2018, 10:29 am
Updated Friday, 14th December 2018, 10:50 am
Edinburgh has been hit with snow and ice warning ahead of the weekend (Photo: Shutterstock)

The Met Office has issued a series of yellow "be aware" warnings for snow and an amber "be prepared" ice warning for the majority of Scotland with the worst of the weather set to hit on Saturday and Sunday.

Rain, snow and hail looks set to hit the capital on Saturday with Met Office forecasts suggesting a 60-90 per cent chance of the white stuff landing.

On Saturday temperature will hover just above 1C, though temperatures could feel as cold as -6C.

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Edinburgh has been hit with snow and ice warning ahead of the weekend (Photo: Shutterstock)

Here is a Saturday weather timeline for Edinburgh;

8am to 10am: According to the BBC light snow showers will begin at 8am accompanied by a gentle breeze and near-freezing temperatures.Max temperature: 1C Feels like: -4C

10am to 1pm: From 10am snowfall will turn into sleet with wind speeds creeping up to 18mph. Max temperature: 1C Feels like: -4C

1pm to 3pm: Conditions may brighten up in the afternoon, though sleet showers will remain a likelihood according to the BBC. Max temperature: 1C Feels like: -5C

3pm to 6pm: Sleety conditions could be replaced by hail storms in the late afternoon, accompanied by a strong breeze. Max temperature: 1C Feels like: -5C

6pm to 9pm: Into the evening hail showers will make way for more sleety conditions. Max temperature: 3C Feels like: -2C

Overnight: Sleety conditions will continue into the early hours of Sunday, before being replaced by rain showers. The rainy weather should dissipate by Sunday afternoon. Max temperature: 6C Feels like: 2C