Full moon 2022: When is the next full moon in the UK? Full moon in April 2022 and what is the Pink Moon?

Here’s when you can see the full moon in April – and what a Pink Moon is.

Monday, 11th April 2022, 11:52 am

Each month, the full moon and the lunar phase relating to it gets a unique name, often based on Native American culture.

The night of the full moon is connected to feelings of self-reflection and subconscious accpetance.

April’s full moon also has particular significance in that it helps to decide the dates of Easter.

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April's full moon also decides when Easter will fall. Photo: Phil Morris.

Here’s when the full moon will rise in April - and where it gets its name from.

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When is the next full moon?

April’s full moon will rise on Saturday April 19th.

This will also be the first full moon of spring, making it the Paschal Full Moon.

The Paschal Full Moon is central to the celebration of Easter, as Easter Sunday always falls on the first Sunday after the Paschal Moon.

How best to see the April full moon 2022

With the sun setting around 8.27pm on April 19th, the moon will start to rise roughly 30 minutes before that.

Your best bet to see the full moon at its best would be to climb up to a higher vantage point.

The higher up you go, the more likely you will be able to break through the cloud cover.

In Scotland’s capital, spots like Arthur’s Seat, Blackford Hill, or any of Edinburgh’s other elevated outlooks are usually ideal to make the most of the full moon.

Try to stay away from artificial lights, like buildings or street lamps, as light pollution can interfere with your view and make it harder to see the natural sights of the night sky.

What is the Pink Moon?

Full moons from each month have different names, most often named by Native Americans based on seasonal weather norms.

Following January’s Wolf Moon, February's Snow Moon, and March’s Worm Moon, April’s full moon is known as the Pink Moon.

The Pink Moon gets its name from a North American flower that blooms in spring, called moss pink.

Because April’s full moon rises at the same time as this flower starts to bloom, the lunar month was named after the bright pink flower.