What is the coldest temperature ever recorded in the UK - and where is Altnaharra?

A temperature of minus 23 Celsius was recorded on Thursday

Thursday, 11th February 2021, 12:28 pm
Storm Darcy has brought heavy snow and cold winds from Russia (Getty Images)

The coldest temperature for more than 25 years in the UK was recorded in Braemar on the morning of February 11.

At -23.0C the temperature was the coldest temperature recorded in the United Kingdom since 2010.

The latest plunge in temperatures comes after Tuesday night, when minus 17.1C (1.2F) was recorded in Altnaharra.

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Other areas of the country have experienced as much as 70cm of snow as parts of the country continues to be battered by snow storms.

A yellow warning for snow and ice has been extended across parts of Scotland until midnight on Saturday as experts warn more disruption is likely.

Where are Altnaharra and Braemar?

Altnaharra is a hamlet situated in Sutherland in the northern reaches of mainland Scotland.

The hamlet is situated between the villages of Tongue and Lairg. The name Altnaharra derives from the Scots gaelic for ‘stream at the boundary wall’.

The area is home to The Altnaharra Hotel which is popular with anglers and hikers.

Due to its northerly and inland location the hamlet’s weather station regularly records some of the most frigid temperatures in the UK.

Braemar is situated in western Aberdeenshire and sits at an altitude of 339m.

What is the coldest temperature ever recorded in the UK?

The temperatures recorded this week still fall some way short of the coldest temperature ever recorded in the UK.

Altnaharra and Braemar both share that honour.

On 11 February 1895 and on 10 January 1982 Braemar recorded a temperature of minus 27.2C.

Altnaharra matched the record on 30 December 1995.

What weather warnings are in place?

Yellow weather warnings for areas where wintry weather could cause travel disruption have been issued for the morning, covering the eastern half of Scotland.

The Met Office has warned that some roads and railways are likely to be affected by the bad weather, with a chance of prolonged delays, stranded vehicles and cancellations across the country.

There is a chance that power cuts will occur with other services, such a mobile phone coverage, possibly being affected too.

More rural communities could become cut off as the extreme conditions persist.

Temperatures are set to plummet again overnight tonight while the risk of snow and ice remain high.