What will the weather in Edinburgh be like this weekend? Here are the latest weather updates for the capital

Plan your weekend with confidence with the latest weather updates for Edinburgh

By Rachael Davies
Friday, 1st October 2021, 2:11 pm

In a city with weather as changeable as Edinburgh, you need to factor the conditions into all the plans you make.

Right now, we’re in that time of year when the seasons are changing, so you never know what you’re going to get when you get up in the morning.

Whether it’s time to settle in for a rainy weekend indoors, or the perfect opportunity to make the most of some autumnal sunshine, the dramatic Scottish weather can dictate how you spent your weekend.

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See what sort of weather to expect in Edinburgh this weekend. Photo: matteo92 / Getty Images / Canva Pro. abhibanik / Pixabay / Canva Pro. Jamie Fraser / Getty Images / Canva Pro.

If you’re thinking about what to do with your weekend this week, you’ll need to know what sort of weather to expect.

Here’s the weather forecast for the rest of the week in Edinburgh, so you can plan ahead with confidence.

What temperature will it be in Edinburgh this weekend?

The temperatures will be fairly mild this weekend, reaching up to 11 degrees Celsius by 1pm on Saturday, with lows seven degrees after dark.

It gets slightly warmed on Sunday, with highs of 12 degrees and lows of eight.

Sunrise will be at almost exactly the same time on both days, at 7.17am on Saturday and 7.19am on Sunday.

The days are starting to grow shorter now, with sunset coming at 6.44pm on Saturday and 6.46pm on Sunday.

What’s the weather forecast in Edinburgh this weekend?

This evening, we might be in for some thundery showers ringing in the weekend, with frequent showers particularly in the west,

The whole weekend will see scattered showers broken up by sunny spells.

On Saturday, there’s 40% chance of rain at 10am, rising to 60% by midday.

It should become drier and brighter in the early afternoon, as sunny spells break through the rainy clouds.

There’s 80% chance of rain throughout the afternoon until 5pm, when it drops to 50%.

The rain is likely to persist throughout the night on Saturday, not giving way until the early hours of Sunday morning.

There’s a brief period of showers around 1pm on Sunday, but the rest of the day will be mostly cloudy.

There are also strong winds throughout the weekend coming in from the south-west.