Edinburgh weather: UK weather forecast for snow from the Met Office in Edinburgh: when will it snow in Edinburgh?

The weather is certainly starting to feel frosty, but when will we see snow on the ground in Scotland?

Thursday, 25th November 2021, 7:46 am
Updated Friday, 26th November 2021, 12:15 pm

For anyone up early, dew is already starting to turn to frost as the weather gets colder in Edinburgh and across Scotland.

Crunching through ice and frost in the morning is a sign that winter is truly underway – but it also makes you wonder when we might start to see snow on the ground.

Everyone always hopes for a white Christmas, but the latest forecasts from the Met Office show that snow might be coming even sooner than Santa.

Here’s when we might expect to see snow in Edinburgh, as well as when it could fall in other areas of Scotland.

When will it snow in Edinburgh?

The Met Office has predicted the possibility of snow on high ground in and around Edinburgh on Friday November 26th.

The weather forecasters expect sunny spells in the morning and into the early afternoon, with a lot of dry weather and some fleeting showers.

Edinburgh has also been named as the most likely to have a white Christmas by bookies. Photo: georgeclerk / Getty Images / Canva Pro.

The weather will then turn cloudy later on, with more persistent rain and the anticipated snow on high ground.

The maximum temperature on Friday will be six degrees Celsius.

Even if this snow doesn’t reach the city itself, it seems more likely that we’ll see snow on the mountains and hills surrounding Edinburgh, as it’s expected to be limited to areas of higher ground.

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There could be a chance of snow in Edinburgh as early as this weekend. Photo: georgeclerk / Getty Images / Canva Pro.

When will it snow in Scotland?

As you get to more rural parts of Scotland on higher ground, such as the Highlands and around the Cairngorns National Park, the chance of snow gets higher.

According to Grahame Madge, a Met Office spokesman, “we’ve got an unsettled period of weather over the next few days, with wind warnings out for Scotland and Northern Ireland to begin with on Friday.”

These yellow wind warnings encompass the entire country of Scotland on both Friday and Saturday this week.

“This will extend to the whole of the UK apart from London and the South East on Saturday, with strong winds expected,” Mr Madge continued.

“There is an increasing signal of snow at higher elevations, indications suggest that areas above 200m in Scotland have the highest chance from Friday. Though not exceptionally cold temperatures during the day, many places could drop to around freezing overnight.”

What’s the weather like in Edinburgh this weekend?

Moving past Friday, the weather for the weekend ahead is plagued by the same yellow wind warnings.

We can expect to see a cold Saturday with some sunny spells and wintry showers every now and then.

By Saturday afternoon, the winds should start to ease off, leaving behind temperatures of between -1 degrees Celsius and highs of four degrees

On Sunday, the Met Office predicts dry weather, with sunshine and light winds on Sunday.

However, you’ll still need to wrap up warm against chilly temperatures of between -2 degrees Celsius and highs of two degrees.

Starting off the new week, we can expect cloudy weather with outbreaks of rain on Monday.