‘Daylight robbery’ Readers react to gaffe which means pay and display is more expensive than parking fine

Readers have voiced their anger at the increase in parking charges
Readers have voiced their anger at the increase in parking charges
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Readers have voiced their anger following a report in the Edinburgh Evening News which showed it is more expensive to pay and display than pay a fine.

With price of a parking fine not rising in line with the increased charges, motorists could receive ‘discounted’ parking - by getting a ticket instead of paying to leave their vehicle in town.

Edinburgh’s sky-high parking fees are nothing new for motorists who drive the Capital’s road networks on a regular basis. But drivers parking up on George Street were shocked to discover that paying to leave their vehicle in town could end up being more expensive than waiting for a ticket to be issued if they didn’t pay.

Private hire driver Murray Jones, 38, said: “You expect to pay a premium when you come into the city centre, which is why I don’t do it all that often, but even then I think the pricing is a little excessive.”

“Knowing it is cheaper to get a ticket, it seems ridiculous, you will get a few people taking advantage of it.”

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Dance school teacher Amber Rennie, 26, said: “We spend a lot of time in Stirling, where you can park on the street for about £1.50 at a time, so to come through here at almost triple that is ridiculous.”

Jennifer Ducreux, 41, went even further, calling the fees “daylight robbery”. She continued: “For three hours parking, it’s over £12, it’s absolutely disgusting pricing. I’m glad I don’t park in the centre more often.”

The hourly rate on Charlotte Square, George Street and St Andrew Square has risen by around ten per cent, from £3.80 per hour to £4.20.

All three streets have a maximum stay of three hours, so drivers could move between the areas for the full eight-hour working day at a total cost of £33.60.

However, while parking fines carry a charge of £60, drivers can receive a discount if they pay within 14 days, at a cost of just £30 - almost £4 cheaper than abiding by the rules.