“Disrespectful” - Edinburgh reacts to vandalism of St Anthony’s Chapel

The graffiti on St Anthony's Chapel. Pic: Nathan Charles
The graffiti on St Anthony's Chapel. Pic: Nathan Charles
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Evening News readers reacted with anger to the news vandals sprayed graffiti on a chapel ruin in Holyrood Park.

A shocking image shows blue and yellow lettering on the stonework of the medieval St Anthony’s Chapel which stands on a rocky outcrop above St Margaret’s Loch.

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Police said the incident took place sometime between 5.30pm on Tuesday and 8.15am on Wednesday.

Evening News readers have reacted with anger to the image, which shows the state of the historic building.

One reader, Michelle Lindsay, said: “All the years and no one’s had the disrespect to do that, until now. Shows what kind of generation is being produced.”

But Christopher Molyneux responded: “I agree it is sad and disrespectful but be careful not to generalise. What these, presumably, young people have done should not result in an indictment of an entire generation.”

Scott Glanville said: “Why not install graffiti boards around the city. Let them graffiti all they want, it works in other cities.”

Fiona Boubert commented: “Graffiti damage has really escalated in Edinburgh in the last few years.”

Susan Nelson added: “That’s a holy building so regardless of which creed it is related to, it should be respected.”

But Lorraine Blyth said: “Sad? Yes. Disrespectful? Yes. But I’m sure there’s much worse crimes happening in Edinburgh that the police don’t seem to be dealing with.”

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