Hearts fan trolled by co-workers with Hibs-themed retirement cake

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A Hearts fan couldn’t hide his anger after co-workers ‘sabotaged’ his Jambo themed caked with green and white sponge in a retirement party prank.

Retired Robert stabbed the cake multiple times after discovering that things were not as they seemed.

The Hearts cake with green and white sponge was made by DMYC bakers.

The Hearts cake with green and white sponge was made by DMYC bakers.

The Hearts-daft supporter was shocked to find that his Hearts themed cake had green and white sponge inside in a move that was organised by his co-workers.

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Baker Debi McKay told the Scottish Sun about the cake: “It was the first time I had made a cake like that with the middle different from the outside.

“Usually I make all kinds of wedding cakes and birthday cakes, so this was a bit different.

“Robert was obviously shocked. At first, he said it was a work of art and he wasn’t going to cut it, but then he saw the inside and he sort of started stabbing it.

“He did find it funny after, and he laughed with his friends about it.”

Debi said that Roberts co-workers were inspired to order the cake after seeing something similar on the internet: “They asked if I would be able to do it but with different football teams.”

“He knew Robert was such a big fan so he kind of guessed what his reaction would be like.

“But Robert seemed so shocked, so the reaction was better than expected.”

The cake that Robert called a work of art only took an hour to hour to decorate says Debi.

Despite the prank, it was all taken in good fun with Roberts co-workers admitting that he would be sadly missed.