Member on Leith Facebook page calls for tram ‘blockade’

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MEMBERS of a community Facebook group have called for a “blockade” of Leith Walk in protest over plans to extend the capital’s tram network into the area.

A post on the ‘I love Leith’ page encouraged users to form a vehicle barrier from 8am on Monday, May 7 to cut off transport services to the area.

Plans for the expansion include closing three lanes of road to traffic on Leith Walk for up to 18 months while work is ongoing.

But some locals are unhappy over a potentially catastrophic drop in footfall for local businesses in the area.

The user called for residents to block off Leith Walk “From Pilrig down”.

The angry post signs off: “LEITH DON’T WANT THE TRAMS!”.

One user supported the move, posting “Edinburgh already have better public transport than most other cities and that money could’ve been spent on fixing the roads.

“The trams have only created a longer commute through the city and this will make commuting though to work even worse. Feels like we’re going backwards”

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In March, the results of a council survey into the public opinion of trams in the area found 59 per cent of those questioned were in favour of extending the line.

A further 42 per cent said the new line would “benefit local businesses,” however 91 per cent agreed current transport provision in Leith was already good enough.

However, most members of the page were not convinced the planned protest was a good idea.

One user wrote: “Trams are key to unlocking the full potential of Ocean’s Terminal and the other brownfield sites in north Edinburgh along Newhaven and Granton. They will encourage positive investment and get rid of cars as well.”

Another agreed, adding: “I want the trams, wish they would hurry up and get on with them.”

A third member posted: “I think that’s conclusive. Leith want the trams, need the trams and will benefit greatly from the trams. It’s like everything in life, no pain no gain.”