Police to use off-road motorbikes to combat anti-social crime and theft

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Police in the Capital are to use off-road motorbikes to combat anti-social behaviour and theft across the capital.

Four new off-road motorbikes bought by the Edinburgh Community Safety Partnership will provide access to land that is difficult to get to with regular police vehicles.

Police have launched their new motorbikes to prevent anti social crime

Police have launched their new motorbikes to prevent anti social crime

Using the off-road bikes will enable specially trained officers to enter and patrol public parks, paths and waste ground providing a regular presence which will disrupt large-scale disturbances and discourage large groups congregating.

Officers will use the bikes to patrol hotspot/targeted locations at key days and times, especially at weekends, when residents experience the most distress from the anti-social behaviour of illegal off-road motorcycle use.

The new bikes are being used as part of Police Scotland’s Operation Soteria which aims to tackle motorcycle theft and related disorder.

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The move is part of Operation Soteria

The move is part of Operation Soteria

Unveiling the bikes today, Councillor Amy McNeese-Mechan, Chair of Edinburgh Community Safety Partnership, said: “The theft of motorbikes and related offences has become a real problem in parts of Edinburgh and one that is a matter of great concern to the local community.

“This behaviour has a huge impact on victims and can have dangerous and tragic consequences. However, as we all know the issues surrounding the young people who are committing these crimes go far wider than the remit of Police Scotland and the community must work together.

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“This is a very exciting and pioneering step as it builds on successful joint working between the organisations and is a highly visible indication of work underway to tackle common problems, reduce crime and anti-motosocial behaviour and bolster public confidence in what we are doing to combat these issues.”

Chief Superintendent Richard Thomas said: “The addition of off-road bikes to the divisional fleet will be invaluable in assisting officers in their ongoing campaign to tackle illegal motorcycle activity and associated disorder across the city.

“The people of Edinburgh do not want a small core group of individuals to risk lives by driving dangerously.

“Police Scotland will use motorbikes alongside a range of other tactics to provide community reassurance, engage with young people and motor cyclists and act as a visible deterrent to anti-social behaviour both on and off city roads.

“Our local officers will be very visible on these bikes in the coming weeks and I would encourage any of the local community to speak to a member of the Orbit team when they are on patrol.”