Vandals wreck cars in Polwarth crime spree

Vandals wrecked cars in a crime spree in Polwarth
Vandals wrecked cars in a crime spree in Polwarth

Residents have slammed heartless vandals who went on a car wrecking spree in a quiet Polwarth street.

Windows were smashed and valuables nicked in the early hours of Friday morning causing despair and distress to drivers in the area.

Glass was strewn across the road and pavement of Merchiston Avenue after the night time rampage through the residential street.

The damage involving more than three cars left locals shaken.

A neighbour said: “I have lived here for nearly 20 years and never seen anything like this. It’s shocking.

“It’s always been a very peaceful, quiet and safe street and I can’t believe this is happened.”

One victim added: “Parking is tight in the area and I had to leave my car a few streets away so I didn’t hear any alarms going off or the damage being caused by these thugs.

“I turned up at my car this morning and there is glass all over the seat. It’s horrible shock as well as the inconvenience and costly repairs. I’m absolutely furious - it’s completely mindless. It makes me fearful to park at my own house.”