Costa have made a popular drink for children completely free

Say farewell to tantrums in the cafe as Costa Coffee is now offering free Babyccinos to customers with children.

The Babyccino, a lightly frothed, warm milk in a tiny cup, previously cost 55 pence but as of today parents across the country will be able to treat their little ones to a child-friendly winter warmer.

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The new offer only allows free Babyccinos, anything extra like a marshmallow or a flake will cost an extra 45p.

Babyccinos are now free in all our stores. What’s a Babyccino? It’s not a tiny pair of khaki trousers, it’s just lightly frothed milk in a tiny cup.

— Costa Coffee (@CostaCoffee) January 6, 2018

Babyccinos made using soya milk are also included in the deal.

However, for kids after something a bit sweeter, the Mini Hot Choc (formerly named Chocolate Babyccino) which includes a marshmallow or a flake will not be included in the deal but is is still available for 55p.