Everyday activities are now just as fulfilling – with adults’ perception of adventure changing over the last three years

Lifestyle and travel have changed significantly over the last three years - and with it, adults’ perception of adventure, according to research.

When asked what activities fill the nation with a sense of adventure, performing to a crowd (46 per cent), taking a new dance class (36 per cent), and wine tasting (27 per cent) topped the list.

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Others enjoy painting (26 per cent), getting a new hair cut (25 per cent) and wearing an outfit for the first time (24 per cent).

Looking deeper into how they seek and enjoy adventure, the study reveals that it’s the smaller (27 per cent) and calmer experiences (29 per cent) that Britain searches for – despite wanting to explore more (30 per cent).

Now, a sense of adventure can be found in everyday activities too, such as not planning your day and doing something spontaneous (40 per cent), starting a new job (32 per cent), and trying a new food and wine pairing (24 per cent).

The study commissioned by Dark Horse Wine found that adventuring closer to home has become more appealing (26 per cent), with being spontaneous and trying new experiences (32 per cent), exciting the nation.

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Chardonnay - the crowned after-adventure tipple

It also emerged that when planning an adventure, 38 per cent of adults choose to have family by their side, while a quarter (26 per cent prefer to adventure with friends.

While half of Brits (46 per cent) say the chance to try something new inspired the longing to adventure, challenging themselves (40 per cent), making lasting memories (36 per cent), and the after-adventure feeling with a glass of wine (16 per cent) are all motivating factors.

As a nation of wine lovers, a third admitted to enjoying wine with family and friends is their preferred way to celebrate a successful adventure – with Chardonnay being crowned as the preferred after-adventure tipple.

And when asked about their preferred place to enjoy a glass of wine, a sea view (42 per cent) topped the list, followed by being immersed in nature (38 per cent) or somewhere new they’ve discovered that day.

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A spokesperson for Dark Horse Wine, said: “Over the last few years global exploration has been on pause, and as the world opens back up it’s interesting to see that we’re taking pleasure from smaller adventures, closer to home, with friends & family by our side.

Dark Horse has discovery at its core and believes that following your own path leads to better-than-expected results, so we’re keen to take consumers on an adventure as they enjoy our unique wine varietals, allowing them to reap the rewards of trying something new.

Our Dark Horse wine portfolio offers some of the very best Californian wine, and by following our own path and making our own rules, our bold and ambitious wine varietal can be enjoyed by wine drinkers from around the globe - whatever their sense of adventure may be.”

Brits top 5 most adventurous wines

  1. Chardonnay
  2. Cabernet Sauvignon
  3. Malbec
  4. Merlot
  5. Sauvignon Blanc
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