KFC leaves fans furious over huge shake-up to loyalty scheme

Regular KFC customers will soon no longer be able to use the Colonel’s Club to collect stamps
(Photo: Shutterstock)
Regular KFC customers will soon no longer be able to use the Colonel’s Club to collect stamps (Photo: Shutterstock)

KFC customers will soon be unable to collect stamps as part of a shake-up to its loyalty scheme.

The fast food chain confirmed it is axing its Colonel’s Club, which allowed customers to exchange stamps for free food and drinks.

How does the scheme work?

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    Currently, you get one stamp when you spend £3, or spend £15 and you get two stamps.

    Once you have collected enough stamps, you can then claim a free reward.

    Customers who have between three and six stamps can collect a free side, including popular dishes like wings or popcorn chicken.

    If you have seven to ten stamps, you can pick up a regular snack item, such as a mini fillet burger.


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    Those who have more than 11 stamps can get £5 off their next order and this can be used against any menu item.

    When will the scheme end?

    KFC confirmed its stamp scheme will be closing on 26 July.

    In an email to customers, it said: “It’s time for a change, so stamp collecting is on the way out. It’s been great, but we’ve got our eye on something else.”


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    KFC has said there a new scheme will be launching, but details are yet to be confirmed.

    Customers took to social media to complain about the news.

    One Twitter user wrote: “So annoying. I’ m one stamp off £5 off!”

    “@KFC are you really ending loyalty stamps for customers? I’ve got so many stamps to use!”, another said.


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    “Stopping stamps... But what about stamp rewards we’ve already collected, will they be valid until the original expiry date? E.g Sept 2022 for me”, a third added.

    Can customers still use their stamps?

    KFC has confirmed that customers will still be able to use up any stamps that they have collected, and they will boost their reward up to the next tier.

    If you have less than three stamps in your account on 25 July 2022, KFC says you will be able to qualify for a free side, and if you have between three and six stamps you can still get a free snack.


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    Those who have between seven and ten stamps in their account will be credited with £5 off their next spend.

    A spokesperson from KFC told The Mirror: “It’s true, all good things must come to an end and our loyalty stamps will be ending this month.

    “But don’t fear, it’s not goodbye to our loyal flock. Just like our famous recipe, what comes next is a closely guarded secret.

    “Watch this space – it won’t disappoint.”