Lindt has released two flavours of chocolate spread - where to buy them

Will you be buying a jar? (Photo: Lindt)Will you be buying a jar? (Photo: Lindt)
Will you be buying a jar? (Photo: Lindt)

The UK is a nation of chocolate lovers, and for the longest time, Nutella has dominated the chocolate spread industry - but now, the iconic product finally has a worthy rival.

Luxury chocolate brand, Lindt, has launched two flavours of indulgent chocolate spread in dark chocolate and hazelnut chocolate flavours.

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The hazelnut version boasts a higher percentage of hazelnuts in its ingredient list in comparison to Nutella. Nutella only has 13 per cent, whereas Lindt hazelnut has 40 per cent.

Lindt chocolatier Thomas Schnetzler said that the ratio of hazelnuts in the hazelnut spread was “more generous than many other spreads.”

He added, “This generosity adds to the incredible flavour when the hazelnuts are combined with the cocoa creating the perfect blend.”

The indulgent chocolate spreads were first launched in 2018, however they proved popular and were out of stock most of the time. In the UK, they weren’t available to buy in supermarkets.

Where can I buy them?

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The Lindt chocolate spread is available from Asda, both in store and online, for £4.50 per 200g jar.

Alternatively, you can get your hands on either flavour of the chocolate spread straight from the Lindt website for £5.99 per 200g jar.

If you buy it from the Lindt website, you’ll have to spend a minimum of £20 in order to qualify for delivery. From there, you’ll also have to shell out £3.95 for shipping, which will take between three and five working days. If you spend over £50, you can get free delivery.

Online reaction

Chocolate lovers have been delighted by the news, taking to social media to sing their praises of the Lindt spread.

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On Twitter, one user wrote, “Lindt chocolate spread is everything you ever dreamed chocolate spread would be.”

Another tweeted, “Sorry #Nutella, but #Lindt chocolate spread does taste better!”

“Game changer Lindt hazelnut chocolate spread, wow, just wow,” wrote another, with heart eye emojis.

“I found out today that Lindt has a chocolate spread. It tastes 100x better than Nutella. Yum!” Tweeted another user.

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