Men urged not to ignore health problems

Men are urged to get problems sorted with their GP (photo: Adobe)
Men are urged to get problems sorted with their GP (photo: Adobe)

Get your health problems checked!

Not having the time, feeling embarrassed and fear that a health condition could be something serious are among some of the most common reasons that men avoid speaking to their GP or pharmacist about health concerns, according to new research.

In fact, 29 per cent think their male partner ignores health problems and avoids seeing the doctor, with men over the age of 65 the least likely to visit their GP.

All men urged to get their medical problems sorted out (photo: Adobe)

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    The findings have been revealed today by the leading independent pharmacy chain, Well Pharmacy, following on from Men’s Health Week, a national awareness week that encourages all men to focus on their health and wellbeing.

    Get yourself tested

    Well Pharmacy offers services such as free blood pressure testing, weight management support and advice on conditions such as diabetes, fatigue and erectile dysfunction, amongst many others.

    Men are urged to get problems sorted with their GP (photo: Adobe)

    Ifti Khan, Well Superintendent Pharmacist said: “As our survey has shown, there is still a barrier for some men when it comes to speaking about health concerns, but the sooner worries are spoken about, the sooner correct treatment and support can be given.

    “Here at Well Pharmacy, we offer totally confidential and discreet services in our private consultation rooms, and we would encourage men to speak to their pharmacy team or GP if they are worried about anything.”

    One person who spoke to a pharmacist about a health condition was Antony Cunningham-Smith. He was experiencing erectile dysfunction, which was impacting on his overall wellbeing. After speaking to a pharmacist and getting some medication advice, he was able to get the correct treatment to manage the condition.

    Speak about your health worries

    He is urging men to ‘speak up about health worries’ this week.

    “For me, although I felt a bit embarrassed, I was invited into a private consultation room and was able to get the help and advice I needed.

    "My message to any men out there who are worried about speaking to someone, is to simply take a deep breath and do it.”

    Mr. Khan continued “As Antony has demonstrated, speaking up about health concerns can often feel more daunting than they actually are. We offer a supportive environment and are more than happy to speak to anyone over any health conditions they may be experiencing.”

    In fact, only 37 per cent of all men polled said they consider themselves in good health, and over half of those men were aged between 18 and 24 – with just 16 per cent of men over the age of 65 considering themselves in good health.

    For information on health services that can be provided by Well Pharmacy, visit the website or visit your local Well Pharmacy for more details.