Mum’s ultimate parenting hack for coping with festive stress - £1 cocktails made from baby food

The savvy recipe creator and mum makes “delicious” cocktails using pouches of baby food - here’s how

A mum has revealed her ultimate parenting hack for coping with festive stress - £1 cocktails made from baby food. Jo Weston, 33, is a baby recipe creator and said adding baby food fruit pouches to her Prosecco makes a delicious Bellini.

She said: "I have baby pouches in all the time and I use them in a lot of my cooking. It’s a little known hack but the pouches are just fruit purées that you would use in standard cocktails anyway. I add the mango and peach pouch to a glass of prosecco and it tastes amazing."

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The mum-of-three to Heidi, six, Nina, four and Felix, two, admitted she once accidentally used a carrot and banana pouch to spruce up her bubbles and it didn’t taste so good. She’s a fan of using Ella’s Kitchen baby pouches, which cost £1 each.

Jo, from Norfolk, added: "You can use any kind of fruity flavour to make a cocktail - for example peach, mango and apple. On New Year’s Eve we’re going to have a cocktail making competition and I’m going to make a strawberry daiquiri with a strawberry pouch."

The baby chef shares other innovative ways to use the pouches through simple recipes featured in her cook book Intuitive Weaning. She added: "You can use a mango pouch to make a korma buy adding coconut milk, cinnamon, ginger and garlic with chicken or prawns.

Pictured is Jo Weston. The mum has shared a £1 life-hack to help parents overcome stress in time for Christmas- baby food cocktails.
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"To make fruit pouch pancakes, you use a pouch of fruit purée and add flour and eggs - you get a natural sweetness without adding sugar and they contain vitamins."

The mum says she is a fan of "no-fuss nutrition" and "creating achievable and non-prescriptive recipes" on her TikTok babyledkitchenjo.