Over a third of mums have named a G&T as their favourite spirit and mixer combination to celebrate Mother's Day this year

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Mums admit to enjoying two G&Ts per week, with sometime between 5pm-6pm named the best time to kick back and enjoy.

When looking at alcoholic beverages in general, one in five mums enjoy a special tipple at least four times-a-week.

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The perfect G&T ingredients

Mothers voted for lemons (35 per cent) over limes (27 per cent) when asked what completes the perfect G&T, with one in five preferring a combination of the two.

Craft Gin Club’s poll of 2,000 mothers found 39 per cent would opt for family time at home rather than at a restaurant.

While 25 per cent preferred time to themselves, with 13 per cent hoping for some pamper time alone.

It also emerged more than a quarter (26 per cent) would prefer not to have gin garnishes, but for those who do, the top 10 included lemon zest (22 per cent), strawberry slices (21 per cent) and raspberry slices (17 per cent).

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Others would opt for dried orange slices (14 per cent), juniper berries (14 per cent) and dried grapefruit slices (10 per cent).

Cocktails at home

For offspring on a tight budget, the majority of mums agreed they’d rather have the perfect cocktail at home - instead of one in a bar.

Craft Gin Club spokesperson, said, “We’re delighted to see that gin is still top of the wishlist for mum’s celebrating their special day this year.

"Whether it be to enjoy quality family time or for some well-deserved ‘me-time’, with Craft Gin Club, mothers can treat themselves to high quality gins poured exactly to taste and pair this with premium tonics and garnishes to enjoy this Mother’s Day.”

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Top 10 gin garnishes

1. Lemon zest (22 per cent)

2. Strawberry slices (21 per cent)

3. Raspberry slices (17 per cent)

4. Dried orange slices (14 per cent)

5. Juniper berries (14 per cent)

6. Dried grapefruit slices (10 per cent)

7. Apples (10 per cent)

8. Rhubarb (10 per cent)

9. Rosemary (10 per cent)

10. Edible flowers (nine per cent)

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