These top baby names inspired by nature may just inspire you too

Many new parents are turning to nature for inspiration when it comes to choosing baby names, including some of the rich and famous.

This could be a reflection of us spending more time outdoors during the pandemic, or simply because there are some great names to be taken from nature, whether from flowers, trees, animals and birds, or even the weather.

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New research has revealed the wildlife inspired baby names that are the most popular as well as the most unusual in the UK and, by way of comparison, in the United States.

So if you are searching for a name that reflects the beauty of nature, these top baby names for girls and boys may help to inspire;

In the UK Poppy tops the list at 43,415, followed by Holly - 40,845, Daisy - 39,513, Jasmine - 28,009, Rosie - 25,633, Willow - 17.233, Brooke - 16,369,  Ivy - 14, 862, Rose - 13,824, and Skye - 11,759.

For boys the most popular nature name is Robin with 3,883, River - 1,953, Woody - 1,513, Bear - 619,  Fox - 602, Sunny - 597,  Brook - 454, Forrest - 338, Ocean - 299, Basil - 271.

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According to the research, Poppy is the most popular nature-inspired baby name in the UK, with over 43,000 girls being named after the flower.

Poppy, in Latin, means ‘the milk of happiness’, yet it’s more commonly known as the name of the flower with red petals.

Holly is a festive name deriving from Old English, and is one of the most popular botanical-inspired baby names.

Since 2000 there have been 41,000 baby girls in the UK, and no boys given the name Holly. There were eight boys called Holly born in the US.

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Nature inspired baby naming is more common for girls than boys in the UK, with just over 3,800 boys named Robin, which is the most popular nature-inspired baby name for a boy here.

Most chosen names for girls in both the UK and the US are Daisy and Jasmine, while for boys, they are Robin and River.

The research also revealed the UK’s more unusual or unique nature names for babies.

Cliff tops this list for the boys in the UK, while Stormi, after Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s baby, is the  choice for girls.

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Cliff is mostly used as a boys name and comes from the English word meaning cliffside slope. This outdoor themed baby name was used seven times in the UK since 2000.

Across the pond, Cliff is more common, with 400 boys given the name in the US since 2000. There were also 20 US girls called Cliff.

The baby name Rock was used just six times for UK boys since 2000, while no UK girls were given the same name. However, Rock hasn’t been used as a boys name in the UK since 2016.

Taking inspiration from celebrity babies, Stormi is one of the UK’s nature-inspired names.

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Sixteen baby girls, and no boys share a name with Kylie Jenner’s and Travis Scott’s baby. The first recorded use of the name in the UK was in 2018, the same year Stormi Webster was born.

More unusual names in the US include Olive, an English name meaning olive tree, and it is more commonly used as a girls name. In the US, however, it is also a nature name for boys.

There have been 20 boys in the States called Olive since 2000, while 12,239 US girls born from 2000-2019 share the name.

The baby name Iris comes from the Greek word meaning rainbow and was the name of the Greek goddess of the rainbow.

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In the US, the name Iris has been given to 49 baby boys since 2000, and there were 23,923 baby girls called Iris there during the same time.

Top tips for new parents:

Daisy is one of the lesser used baby boy names in the States. Coming from the Old English phrase day’s eye, the name is closely associated with the flower.

Since 2000 there have been 41,000 baby girls, and 52 baby boys in the States called Daisy.

You can access the full lists of the UK and the USA’s most popular and most unique nature inspired baby names, as compiled by playlikemum at:

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