This is all the new tech expected to launch at the September Apple event - how to watch

The event this year will be entirely virtual due to the Covid-19 pandemic (Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)The event this year will be entirely virtual due to the Covid-19 pandemic (Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
The event this year will be entirely virtual due to the Covid-19 pandemic (Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

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The Apple September event is one of the most hotly anticipated events throughout the year for technology enthusiasts, as the tech giant unveils new products and software.

However, the star of Apple’s September events, the newest iPhone, is currently delayed due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

So what can be expected from the Time Flies event?

This is everything you need to know.

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What new tech will be announced?

While nothing has been confirmed about what will and won’t be announced at the tech event, there are a fair amount of rumours speculating on the technology and software that could be unveiled.

iPad Air

The iPad Air is reportedly getting a major redesign, based on several reports over the last month. According to a leaked pamphlet, the design for the iPad Air 4 has been dramatically overhauled.

The leaked images suggest that instead of Face ID, the iPad Air would have a Touch ID feature built into the side of the device.

It may also feature an edge-to-edge display with no home button and USB-C connectivity.

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Bloomberg reported that the edge-to-edge display would be one of the focus points of the event.

Apple Watch announcements

It’s also expected that Apple will announce the Apple Watch Series 6, with a focus on new health features. This is something Apple has done before with its watches.

Reports have indicated that there won’t be any major changes to the Series 6 version of the Apple Watch design, but things like new colours are always possible.

The Apple Watch Series 6 is reported to officially drop ‘force touch’. This feature allows users to press firmly on the display to access additional controls, such as changing the watch face design or clearing all notifications.

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This change should free up space inside the Apple Watch Series 6, but it’s unclear how Apple will use any new space.

Bloomberg also reported that Apple is planning a lower-end Apple Watch for this year that will act as a replacement for the Apple Watch Series 3.

Software release dates

Apple is likely to offer details on the newest software updates, like iOS14, watchOS 7, iPadOS 14 and tvOS 14.

Apple initially revealed these updates at a different event earlier in the year, but the Time Flies event will most likely take another look at the features to come.

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This week, Apple released iOS14 beta 8 to developers and public beta users. This could indicate that a public release might not be far away.

Apple One services bundle

It is believed that Apple is working on a bundle to collate its growing subscription services, with reports indicating that there would be several tiers available in the bundle.

These tiers might include something like a basic tier for the likes of Apple TV+ and Apple Music, whereas more premium tiers would include things like Apple Arcade, Apple News+ and iCloud storage.

AirPods Studio

There have been reports circulating for over a year suggesting that Apple is looking to launch its own pair of over-ear headphones.

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9to5Mac found evidence of AirPods Studio in the leaked iOS14 beta code, which included assets showing at least two colour options for the new headphones.

Rumours suggest that they will cost $349 (£272).


The company has also been rumoured to have been developing a small item tracker, similar to Tiles - something that you’d be able to attach to your keys that you could track with your phone so you don’t lose them.

Apple itself even referenced the unreleased AirTags in a video which has since been removed.

9to5Mac expected the AirTags to be announced at last year's iPhone 11 event, so it’s unclear whether this year could be the year they are unveiled.

New Apple TV

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Evidence of a new Apple TV hardware refresh has been circulating around in iOS code for a while, according to 9to5Mac, with a recent report indicating that one of the changes would allow for improved gaming.

Bloomberg has also suggested that the new Apple TV remote would benefit from an upgrade which supports the Find My application, which would make it easier for users to find the remote if it goes missing.

Will there be any new Mac or iPhone models?

9to5Mac says: “In a break from tradition, reports from a variety of sources indicate that the iPhone 12 will not be announced during Apple’s September event this year.

“The iPhone 12 has faced delays due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and Apple itself confirmed in July that this year’s iPhones would arrive ‘a few weeks’ later than the iPhone 11 lineup did last year.”

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9to5Mac states that there are indications that Apple might hold another special event in October which is focused on the iPhone 12, and possibly new Mac hardware.

In terms of Mac news, the Mac lineup is almost ready to begin its transition to Apple Silicon processors, with Apple stating that it will release its first Apple Silicon Mac before the end of the year.

However, current indicators state that the Apple SIlicon transition will not be addressed at the Time Flies event.

When does the event take place?

The event is taking place today, on Tuesday 15 September.

The Time Flies event will kick off at 10am local pacific time, which is 6pm in the UK.

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The event is totally virtual this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

How can I watch it?

There are a few ways you can watch the event.

It will be live-streamed on the Apple YouTube channel - as this is a scheduled event, you can set a reminder on YouTube to alert you before the event goes live.

Alternatively, you can watch it on the Apple website - there’s a button on the website which lets you add the event to your calendar, so you don’t forget that it’s happening.

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