Best balance boards UK 2021: get fit with these wobble boards and balance trainers from Argos and Decathlon

Balance boards - or wobble boards - are the fitness craze of the summer. Here are the bestBalance boards - or wobble boards - are the fitness craze of the summer. Here are the best
Balance boards - or wobble boards - are the fitness craze of the summer. Here are the best | Balance boards - or wobble boards - are the fitness craze of the summer. Here are the best

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Balance trainers - also known as wobble boards, or balance boards - are a great way to improve your workout as the addition of the unstable board adds an extra element to your exercise which helps you to improve your balance and strengthen your core and your muscles.

As the summer heats up and people prepare for the beach, they’ve soared in popularity, as a cheap, effective way of getting your body (particularly your core!) in shape from the comfort of your home.

What can balance boards help train?

Originally used by circus performers, the purpose of a balance board has always centred around improving the user’s balance and core strength.

They were designed to train the muscles around the ankle, improve upper body stability, and for strengthening your quads and core.

Do balance board help you lose weight?

Balance boards help you burn more calories by making you engage even more of your muscles as you exercise, by keeping you off balance. It can therefore be used to help you lose weight.

What exercises do I do on a balance board?

A wide range of exercises can also be performed on them, giving you lots of opportunities to give yourself an intense and rewarding whole body workout.

There are many excellent YouTube videos to help guide you through a balance trainer - this is our favourite for an all-over workout.

Here are six of the best wobble boards on the market

Wood Balance Board

Best for: looks at decent price

This balance board, which is reasonably priced but effective, has been designed to help you improve your balance, recover from injury and prevent future injuries.

It uses 70 per cent of your lower body muscles and will help you to build your strength and expand your workout routine.

The diameter is 39.5 cm and the height is 7.5cm so it is neat and compact and can easily be stored away.

Opti Balance Trainer

Best for: cardio fitness

This balance trainer combines utilises resistance handles, to allow TRX and Pilates style moves, as well as resistance training - so you can get a cardiovascular workout and tone your body while improving your flexibility.

It’s designed to have an unstable, dynamic surface that, over time, will take your workout to the next level and help you achieve great balance and a strengthened core.

The gym ball is 57.5cm in diameter and you also have the option to take it with you to the gym, park, or friend’s house as it has a lightweight and easy-to-carry design.

REEBOK Core Board

Best for: high-performance

This is an elite level product, available at a reasonable price - and equally useful for beginners and advanced exercisers.

The Reebok board is impressively innovative - it has fully-adjustable, different levels of stability, so you can scale your workout as you progress from beginner to fitness guru.

Beginners will love the base level of stability: it’s great for strengthening the core, working on support muscles and generally increasing your balance.

The next level is less stable, more challenging, and ideal for developing.

A non-slip rubber surface provides excellent traction, while the sports balance board itself feels exceptionally sturdy.

The best balance board in the UK for users who want beginner and advanced options in one place.

BeElite Balance Board

Best for: built to last

Whether you’re looking to improve your balance, you’re recovering from an injury, or you’re trying to intensify your existing workout by targeting a wide range of muscles during exercise, this multipurpose balance board will work for you.

The board has a large 40cm surface area to easily stand on and perform your exercises on, and it features anti-slip circular grooves to give you extra grip and stability.

The robust PP plastic construction is built to withstand the rigours of heavy use.

Fitness-Mad Adjustable Wobble Board (40cm)

Best for: grip

This balance board is great because you can adjust the angle of it, meaning you can control the intensity of the workout you perform while on it.

It can be adjusted between 19 and 23 degrees, simply by screwing the rocker in or out -  the more you screw the rocker out the greater the angle and the greater the difficulty.

Revolution Balance Boards 101 Balance Board

Best for: all-round fitness and training

A step beyond the basic balance board, this will help with agility and balance, as well as building strength.

With a board atop a roller board, you need to engage your core to stay balanced on this, utilising many of your torso muscles as you work out.

If you surf or skateboard, this is a brilliant tool for building balance and stability, but it also comes with guidance on a range of excellent resistance and cardio exercise to build all-round fitness. Perfect for workout out from home or in your backyard.

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