Which is the best non-stick fry pan?

Best non-stick frying pans: easy to clean pans for stress free cookingBest non-stick frying pans: easy to clean pans for stress free cooking
Best non-stick frying pans: easy to clean pans for stress free cooking | Best non-stick frying pans: easy to clean pans for stress free cooking

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Stainless steel, aluminium tri-ply and ceramic: our expert evaluates the high quality non-stick frying pans for 2023, at all price points

There’s no chore more frustrating, if you ask us, than defoodifying (technical term) supposedly non-stick frying pans post-use. It’s messy. It’s time-consuming. An all-round 0/10. But, all the faff could be avoided, with the right pan.

It’s true that your cooking utensils should complement your lifestyle and cooking style, but that doesn’t mean there should be any compromises on quality – even if you consider yourself an every-now-and-again kind of cook.

How to shop for the best non-stick frying pan

There is an overwhelming number of non-stick frying pans available, and many at decent price points – not all are created equal, though. It’s really important when shopping for a non-stick frying pan to first consider durability. Stainless steel and aluminium tri-ply pans tend to have a higher durability than ceramic, for instance, which can be quite fragile.

Next, consider ease of use, and the kinds of utensils that work best for your appliances. Stainless steel pans can offer exemplary heat distribution, however, they’re often quite heavy and require a larger up-front financial investment.

Aluminium, on the other hand, is lighter in weight and heats up rapidly, but cannot be used on an induction hob without a reenforced base.

Teflon coating, or ceramic - which is better?

Finally, consider the kind of non-stick coating you’re most comfortable with. Most pans have a PTFE (often known as Teflon) coating, whilst others have a ceramic coating. PTFE-coated pans are thought to be longer-lasting, but really, there’s not much in it.

A quality frying pan could last you years – so, here are 8 of the best non-stick frying pans that could see you through countless cooks…

Best non-stick pans at a glance

Our Place Always Pan

Key specs:

Coating: ceramic

Induction compatible? Yes

Weight: 1.36 kg

Props to the Our Place marketing team – the Always Pan has become, seemingly overnight, the cult kitchen utensil of the moment – and it’s easy to see why.

Not only is it available in an array of modern and muted tones that no doubt all complement freshly lime-washed walls, but it’s also super functional.

It’s an all-in-one utensil that’s intended to perform as a frying pan, yes, but also a sauce pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, saucepan, and spoon rest – there’s really very little you can’t achieve, in cooking terms, with this pan, which sweetens the price tag somewhat.

Made from aluminium, it heats up fast and distributes heat evenly, whilst the handle remains cool. It has a non-stick ceramic coating, and is surprisingly lightweight.

There are two spouts, for mess-free pouring of sauces, and a modular lid which allows you to manage steam. Handily, it comes with a wooden spatula and integrated spatula rest, and a steamer basket, too. On the whole? Worth the hype, if you ask us…

ProCook Professional Anodised Frying Pan

Key Specs:

Coating: 5 Star ProCook Ultra Plus triple layer PFOA free non-stick

Induction compatible? Yes

Weight: 846g

Dimensions: 24 cm diameter

A solid all-rounder, ProCook’s Professional Anodised frying pan ticks all the boxes. It’s sturdy and durable, owing to its heavy-duty forged, anodised aluminium structure, and a complete pleasure to cook with, thanks to the premium PFOA free non-stick coating (which also makes doing the dishes significantly less stressful). The CoolTouch® handle makes the pan easy and comfortable to, well, handle, and the fact it’s fairly lightweight means it’s easy to manoeuvre around without concern for one’s wrists.

It’s oven- and dishwasher-safe, and it comes in a range of sizes to suit all frying requirements. Happily, it also comes with a 25-year guarantee. Win, win.

Robert Welch Campden Non-Stick Frying Pan

Key specs:

Coating: PFOA free ILAG non-stick

Induction compatible? Yes

Dimensions: 24 cm diameter

At almost £75 a pop, you’d expect a tip-top quality frying pan that’ll long outlive your current kitchen decor. Fortunately, the Campden frying pan delivers.

The chef-quality pan is made from stainless steel and finished with a top-of-the-range PFOA-free non-stick coating, which is abrasion and corrosion resistant.

The base is constructed of two layers of stainless steel – one either side of a copper core – for even heat distribution, and the handle is contoured and comfy.

It’s heavier than some other frying pans on this list, but, that said, it is built to last – and it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Samuel Groves Stainless Steel Tri-Ply Non-Stick Frying Pan

Key Specs:

Coating: Non-Stick F-Lon chemical coating

Induction compatible? Yes

Weight: 1.27kg

Dimensions: 28 cm diameter

For the seasoned chefs and lovers of luxury, the Samuel Groves Try-Ply pan should be a contender for you. Constructed from stainless steel, it’s made with longevity in mind and apparently could, if cared for, be the next and last frying pan you purchase.

It has a solid 3-layer base, with an aluminium core sandwiched between two sheets of stainless steel, for durability and thermal efficiency.

The non-stick coating is British-made and professional-grade, and can be reapplied when it eventually wears away, and the stainless steel handle gives additional support.

Its makeup means it’s heavier than some lightweight aluminium frying pans, but it’s oven-safe, and it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Kuhn Rikon New Life Frying Pan

Key Specs:

Coating: titanium-plasma and dakin nonstick

Induction compatible? Yes

Dimensions: 24 cm diameter

Commendably, the New Life frying pan is made from 100% recycled aluminium (old drinks cans, bikes, and the like), but its eco credentials aren’t all it has going for it.

Sturdy and solid, it has an 8 mm thick base for quick and even heat distribution, and a quality, 3-layer non-stick coating that’s effective in preventing food from sticking and ensuring it’s easy to clean and care for.

It’s quite weighty, a testament to its durability, and has a chunky handle that remains cool to the touch whilst in use. It’s oven- and dishwasher- safe, and is available in three sizes.

It also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Need yet more convincing of the New Life pan’s quality? Nigella Lawson is a fan of Kuhn Rikon kitchen utensils, and we can see why.

Smeg 50’s Style Frying Pan

Key Specs:

Coating: Non-stick PTFE

Induction compatible? Yes

Dimensions: 24 cm diameter

Featuring its token retro-inspired aesthetic, Smeg’s 50’s Style frying pan is easy on the eye (but, less so on the wallet).

The body is made from cold-forged aluminium, which enables the pan to heat and distribute heat rapidly, whilst a reinforced base makes it suitable for all hob types, and the stainless steel handle makes it feel robust.

The non-stick coating is efficient – it allows food to colour and cook through without retaining residue, and is easy enough to clean.

Available in three classic Smeg shades – cream, red, and black – the 50’s Style pan is oven-safe up to 250°C, and dishwasher-safe, too. Lids are available to purchase separately.

Ninja Food ZEROSTICK Frying Pan

Key Specs:

Coating: PFOA, lead and Cadmium free Ninja Zerostick coating

Induction compatible? Yes

Weight: 1 kg

Dimensions: 24 cm diameter

Where value for money is concerned, you can’t go far wrong with Ninja’s Zerostick pan.

Not only is it easy and pleasant to cook with (zero food sticks, as promised), it’s also pretty low-maintenance – it’s dishwasher-safe, scratch-resistant, suitable for use with metal utensils, and safe to withstand high temperatures – ideal if you have a bustling kitchen or a busy lifestyle.

Made from hard-anodised aluminium and sporting a stainless steel handle, the Zerostick feels substantial, but not overly heavy.

The non-stick coating is said to remain completely free from flakes, chips, and peels, which we like the sound of. But, should any issues occur, the pan is covered by a 10-year guarantee.

Lakeland GreenPan Barcelona Pro

Key Specs:

Coating: Thermolon™ ceramic

Induction compatible? Yes

Dimensions: 28 cm diameter

GreenPan’s ethos is centred on quality cookware that’s 100% safe for humans and minimises harm to the planet. The result? Sturdy and durable frying pans (among other utensils) featuring their eco-conscious Thermolon™ ceramic non-stick coating, which is PFSA-free.

The Barcelona Pro is the newest launch from GreenPan, and comprises everything you could possibly want from quality cookware.

It boasts a chunky base which aids heat distribution and prevents bowing, whilst the Thermolon Infinity ceramic non-stick coating makes for an easy and enjoyable cooking – not to mention cleaning – experience.

It’s dishwasher- and oven-safe, and it’s also metal utensil friendly, thanks to the Scratch Guard layer (though, like most pans, it’ll probably have a longer life if you choose wooden utensils instead).

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