How long does Amazon Prime Day continue for?

Prime Day is taking place in JulyPrime Day is taking place in July
Prime Day is taking place in July | Clearbox

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Amazon’s Prime Day event is happening soon, and it promises some big bargains - but when does it take place and for how long?

It's the biggest online shopping event of the summer. We're still not sure exactly when the sales bonanza will take place yet, but Prime Day 2024 is likely to kick off just before the schools break up for summer, and there will be some big bargains on offer.

One of a handful of key events in Amazon's calendar, sandwiched between the Spring Sale and Black Friday, Prime Day is traditionally a mid-year sell-off, although we have seen one cropping up in the autumn before ahead of Black Friday, so there might be another chance if you're going to miss it.

The exact date Prime Day will be taking place is still being kept under wraps, but we know it's going to be in July. And despite it being called "Prime Day", it is usually a two-day event. We're most recently seeing it popping up on a Tuesday and Wednesday.

So this year we're pinning our hopes on an announcement happening fairly soon, and we're predicting it will be taking place on either Tuesday and Wednesday, July 9 and 10 - or it could be Tuesday and Wednesday, July 16 and 17.

Either way, we'll be aiming to bring you early sniffs at some of the best deals and, as soon as they land, we'll be analysing all the offers to ensure you're in the best place to make the most of the savings over the two days.

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