TikTokers praise simple cleaning hack that keeps glasses from going cloudy in the dishwasher

Wine glass (Getty Image)Wine glass (Getty Image)
Wine glass (Getty Image) | Getty Images
A viral hack promises to get glasses sparkly clean in the dishwasher

Many people have taken to social media in the hopes of finding methods to make cleaning their house easy after enjoying messy New Year celebrations.

Purdy and Figg, who have over 220,000 TikTok followers, recently took to the platform to share how they get their glasses sparkly clean with very little effort.

The NHS nurses have built a loyal following for their hacks and began making their own cleaning products in 2018.

Their advice for sparkly glasses has impressed many, however some of their followers have urged others not to try the tip.

Purdy and Figg posted their cleaning hack with the caption: “So many glasses to clean after Christmas Day 🤣#cleaninghacks #glasscleaning #dishwasherhack #kitchenhacks #boxingdayclean #learnedontiktok”

They shared a short video showing their wine glasses coming out of the dishwasher cloudy, before being placed back inside the machine with white vinegar added to the cycle.

The duo placed a ball of tinfoil in the top rack of the dishwasher as they advised viewers to “trust the process”.

The clip ends with their glasses looking visibly clean and shiny in comparison to before the unusual hack was used.

Over 400,000 people have viewed the video with many agreeing that it is a “great idea”. Purdy and Figg told viewers that their method is “cheaper and more eco friendly” than more conventional methods.

One wrote: “wow”

Tagging a friend, another said: “should I send this to my mum?”

However, others warned against using the cleaning hack and began to share their own alternative methods.

One commented: “Dishwasher manufacturers do not recommend the use of vinegar as it’s acidic and may damage parts in the unit.”

“Don’t use the tinfoil !! it will break dishwasher,caused heater to break,” another said.

A third added: “Rinse aid and salt, especially the salt to soften the water or you will need a new dishwasher”