St Andrews Day March 2003.

10 pictures that show how St Andrews Day was celebrated through the years in Scotland

With St Andrew’s Day fast approaching, we take a look back at how Scots have honoured their patron saint.

Saturday, 16th November 2019, 7:45 am

The exact details of the life and times of our patron saint still remain unknown, but it hasn’t stopped people speculating. But what is known is that people all over Scotland and the world will celebrate St Andrew’s on 30 November. The Scottish Parliament made St Andrew’s Day an official bank holiday in Scotland in 2007, although banks are not obliged to close and there is no mandatory day off for workers. The celebrations, therefore, are varied. These have involved traditional Scottish dress, Scottish dancing, poem recitals, and traditional foods such as haggis, neeps and cullen skink being served to revellers.

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