Teenage kicks for Hearts fans

Many teenage boys would prefer to spend cash on video games and designer trainers.
Father and son Alan and Daniel MorrisonFather and son Alan and Daniel Morrison
Father and son Alan and Daniel Morrison

But one fanatical Jambo has donated his hard-earned pocket money to the supporters’ movement credited with saving the club he loves.

Daniel Morrison, 13, raised the cash for the Foundation of Hearts (FoH) by carrying out extra chores around the house before dad Alan – a FoH pledger – agreed to match what his son raised.

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The pair have now handed over a total of £1800 to the fans’ group which was instrumental in preventing Hearts from going out of business in 2013-14 after the Tynecastle club entered administration.

Daniel, of Alloa, said: “I saved up my pocket money and did some extra jobs around the house, and my dad put some money towards it as well.

“I was washing my dad’s car and doing dishes. I was basically doing some extra jobs around the house. It’s been my club since I was five so I wanted to stick money into Hearts.”

Proud father Alan, 56, who works as a petrol tanker driver and often goes to home games with Daniel, said: “He told me ‘I’m putting my money in, so are you not going to put any money in as well?’ My son will take the shares over eventually and it’s important to me.

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“Youngsters like Daniel are the future and I think Ann Budge recognises that as well because of the time she spent talking to my son at one point. We have to encourage that.

“I am proud of him, it’s a fantastic idea. I have always taken him along to Hearts. I have always encouraged him and told him how important it is that Hearts survive.

“He started doing extra jobs to save money and then he said he wanted to give it to the Foundation of Hearts. It means everything to him. He is fanatical about Hearts and this was his idea, his initiative.”

More than 8000 joined the FoH to pledge money and help businesswoman Ms Budge gain control.

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The foundation’s aims is to help rebuild Hearts with a view to seeing the ownership of the club transferring to the fans.

Daniel has taken on various fundraising chores over the last year, such as washing dishes and gardening. He is now looking to land a Saturday job in a bid to raise even more money.

Alan was only too happy to help support such a worthy cause but admitted it was hard on his pocket, with Daniel charging £2.50 for extra dish washing and £5 for a car wish.

“We have two cars and a van and these are definitely some of the most expensive car washes I have paid for,” Alan said.

FoH chair Brian Cormack met both Alan and Daniel before Saturday’s victory over Ross County to personally thank them for their donation.

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