Letters: Should Scotland have a Queen or a President?

An independent Scotland could ditch the Queen and adopt an elected president as head of state, according to a proposed written constitution that has been submitted to ministers.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 26th March 2019, 6:32 pm
Updated Tuesday, 26th March 2019, 6:38 pm
Queen Elizabeth II. Pic: Toby Melville/PA Wire
Queen Elizabeth II. Pic: Toby Melville/PA Wire

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Independent Scotland ‘could ditch Queen for president’

AN independent Scotland could ditch the Queen and adopt an elected president as head of state, according to a proposed written constitution that has been submitted to ministers.

Well that spells the end of Scotland and democracy. The Queen brings a lot to Britain. She also does more good than any politician and can step in where governments fail to bridge the gap between countries, yet quite rightly she has not got the power to intervene. The last thing Scotland needs is an elected president who has got the power – the same applies to England, Ireland and Wales.

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John Sowrey

I agree that the job and purpose of a monarch now has no resemblance to monarchy of the past – their function is pure marketing and promotion. I think an independent Scotland needs that, but I think we should re-establish a Scottish monarchy and reject the House of Windsor.

Lawrence Target

No room for a queen in a Scottish republic. Move along now.

Scott James McLean

Getting rid of an unelected head of state spells the end for democracy? Interesting position there . . . Also the Queen has extensive right of intervention and can suspend or dissolve parliaments and veto bills at will. It is our good fortune that we happen to have a monarch who chooses not to exercise her extensive powers. We have no choice in the matter if she changes her mind.

Anthony Sutherland Goskirk Holroyd

Most of the so-called benefits of our monarchy are wishful thinking at best. Good for the business community as an advertising meme to gullible foreigners but of no more real benefit to the average working Briton than a long-running TV soap opera. It’s a good thing that the monarch has no real political power in our democracy. If it were to end, I would not like the monarchy to be replaced with an elected politicised presidency WITH real power. That would definitely be a step too far.

Michael Harrison

I couldn’t care less if we had a Queen or a president. As long as we are independent.

Kirsten Easdale

Why would an independent Scotland retain the monarchy? It is the ultimate in unionist symbolism.

Red Lenz

The monarchy is an outdated institution that glorifies privilege and rewards it too. It’s time for Scotland to become independent in every way, including its patronage by the royal family.

Billy McKirdy

Lady Catherine Maxwell Stuart who resides in Traquair House is a direct descendant of the Stuart line. Would she do?

Jane Shouesmith-Black

Regardless of independence or not we cannot just ditch the Queen. Whether people like it or not, the Queen has played a part in Scottish history. We even had our own queen before the Union. Besides, it doesn’t bear thinking about who we could get as ‘president’.

Laura Munro

As long as Scotland is independent and as long as HRH pays her taxes and realises that she is not at home now, I don’t mind being part of the Commonwealth.

Catherine Clark-Holman

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