12 reasons that prove Edinburgh is definitely better than Glasgow

There has been a lot of conversation about this over the years: Edinburgh or Glasgow, which one is better?

This is why Edinburgh is better than Glasgow
This is why Edinburgh is better than Glasgow

Well, in our humble opinion, the Capital trumps our cousins from the west on many levels, as you will see here:

Chippy sauce is an acquired taste that only the refined and well-heeled can handle
We have a beautiful castle still standing that attracts millions of people into our wonderful city
We have better authors. Irvine Welsh, Ian Rankin, Iain Banks, Alexander McCall Smith and JK Rowling. Need we go on?
Our transport is the best in the country: We have the Trams and a bus service that puts other cities to shame. Keep your subway, Glasgow!
Hundreds of thousands of visitors and performers from all over the globe you say? Aye, they're coming to Edinburgh
Clearly, Edinburgh has always been considered of more importance than Glasgow...
We've got a lovely, inconspicuous city bypass as opposed to an ugly and obtrusive motorway that rips our city in two


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In Edinburgh we have cranes that actually build stuff as opposed to being tourist attractions - look at the St James development for reference.
We have the most famous dog in the world. That's a point to Edinburgh
And not just one, either! Head down to Cramond or Portobello for example on a warm day, and you'll see what Glasgow is missing out on.
We're the greenest city in the UK with more parks and hills and green spaces than them lot. The Bank Holiday weekend just gone highlighted how much we love our parks, too.


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We have the best football anthem in the world: Sir Alex Ferguson said that Sunshine on Leith was the greatest celebration he'd seen.