Angling: A testing trip to Morton

TEMPERATURES plummeted to around freezing, which is never a good state of affairs on a visit to Morton.

Having been there a week or so earlier I found that the boat was the better option. At that time the Buzzers were the most effective method of catching but I decided to go with a lure.

I tried the sweep-3 line with a Blob on the dropper and a Bunny Leech on the point. Taking the boat out and anchoring up in the narrow neck between the two bays, I felt this was a good place to start. Going through the motions I counted down, finding the depth of the fish. It was around 4-5 feet sub surface before I got any offers. At first I thought it was the tail on the Bunny Leech they were grabbing but I was wrong. Only when the Blob broke the surface and a sizeable fish followed it up and missed the take did I know what they were on.

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I changed to a team of three Blobs with a weighted one on the point, ensuring I covered all the depths. Time and time again I felt the line tighten but no lock on. Just when I thought it was going to be one of those days, the line shot out and down. The fish fought all the way into the net. After that 3lb catch, I moved down into the small bay in front of the lodge. I took another two fish in quick succession both to the Sunburst Blob on the top dropper.

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