Angling: Fantastic fish at Parkview

IT was a really cold Ladies Fundraiser at Parkview fishery near Cupar. The freezing weather obviously affected the turn out but it was their loss as the fish were fantastic. As the wind was quite fierce the organisers arranged to cut out part of the water to make it easier for the anglers.

Most anglers went with sinking lines while I opted to go with the full floater, long leader and a Damsel. For the first five minutes or so nothing, then I really got into it. Fishing from the sheltered corner I connected into a slab and it took off like a rocket. As there was a prize for the heaviest fish I took time to play it out.

Weighing the fish before releasing, it crossed the scales at 9lb and two casts later and I was in to an even bigger fish but lost it in the weeds. I managed another three before having to move but my adrenaline was racing. That was my last action till after lunch where I dropped another four before landing two more. The trout were in fantastic shape and fought really hard considering the cold.

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As the match progressed more and more rods called it a day. It was getting to the stage at one point the eyes kept freezing over and I had to keep my rod sub surface to stop it. However, the cold eventually got to me and I had to retire and await the results.

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