Angling: ‘I found Markle’s hotspot’

TEMPERATURES may have finally risen above freezing but the wind has now arrived to make life difficult for us anglers.

Nonetheless, I grinned and beared the latest turn in the elements as I ventured down the East Coast to Markle. I decided to stay on the move to begin with, even though fish were moving in front of me. I went with a full floater and a team of Buzzers and was getting some interest, but no proper lock.

It was smash-and-grab takes, but every time I tightened there was nothing there or the fish would slip the hook. I decided to change tactics and moved down to the smaller pool and a single Fab. Casting over on to the small island, I watched the fab slowly sink under the surface. Keeping up with the line I could feel for any tell-tale offers. It was when I noticed several fish moving in close to the bank that I lobbed the fab a few inches in front of them. At first, there was nothing. Then for the next ten minutes it was take after take, as I hooked and landed two good fish around 4lb.

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However, it did not go un-noticed as I was soon joined by three other anglers either side of me. Casting almost over my line, I decided to leave them to it and go for a well-deserved coffee. I went back on to the main pond and had limited success casting across the wind. After an hour it was time to head home but I will be back soon.

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