Angling: My defeat in the cold war

I WAS fortunate to get some fishing in on Swanswater before the big freeze

Despite some ice packs around the water, fish were still being caught. Deep and slow was the best tactic in the now near freezing conditions. The recent silt clearing operations has made the water quite cloudy but still fishable. I managed to get a platform by the second shelter and was quickly hitting fish on a green pea then a hothead Damsel. Just casting out and letting it drop to the bottom before inching the fly along brought pull after pull.

It was at least an hour before I locked on to a fish and at 2lb+ it felt a good one. Not till it was close to the bank that I noticed it was a tiger fish. This was my first tiger that I have caught and I was impressed by their fighting qualities. Just as I bent over to net it. I felt the hook slip leaving my line with an almighty fankle. I continued for another two hours without success before calling it a day.

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n Forth Two and Bob Malcolm are holding a fly fishing competition on Sunday, April 22 at Kailzie Gardens in Peebles. Entry is £50 which includes breakfast, lunch and various prizes for heaviest fish, best basket and tagged fish. All monies raised will go to the cash for kids appeal. For further information and place bookings contact [email protected]

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