Angling: Turning blue with a big haul

IF ever a reminder was needed that winter was well and truly on the way, then the message was hammered home when I was at Allandale Tarn.

It was a fairly busy day with several rods out and about and all on different lines. The wind was blowing up the water and I decided to try at the top end where nobody was fishing.

Floating line, long leader and a single Damsel . . . if that did not work then I was going home blanking. Fish were moving on the surface and despite several attempts at putting the fly in front of them nothing would take.

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Slowing the retrieve right down to almost a crawl, I locked onto a good fish which took very softly. It was not until I tried to slip the net under the 5lb+ fish that it suddenly came to life. It went ballistic and I had to drop the net to play it out before it eventually tired and it came in tamely head up.

Two casts later and I was in again and it was now that the wind chill was kicking in. Just as well it was not a big fish, as my hands were turning blue and I virtually tail walked it in to the net.

After a warming cuppa I went on to get another two fish before retiring early, cold but extremely happy. I feel the reason I got as many fish was that I kept on the move and covered more fish and area.

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