Angling: Undone by late connection

Conditions were nigh on perfect for the annual fundraiser at Parkview Fishery in Fife.

A full complement of anglers from all over the country was in attendance for what promised to be a great day out. As it was a catch and release match, all the hooks had to be barbless or debarbed.

Parkview is not big water but it is deep in places, as I was to find out.

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My first platform was in front of the lodge and it was 20 feet straight down. I went with a floating line long leader and a Hothead Damsel and within seconds I was into a nice fish of around 4lb. What a scrap it put in and, just as I reached down for my landing net, it slipped the hook. That was to be my last offer for some time and change after change of flies did not help. Instead of going down through the depths, I could have connected in sooner. Not till late in the day did it strike home and I was broken twice in quick succession.

Top rod on the day was Andy Dunn who managed 12 on a black and green lure. However, the Scottish Disabled team were the biggest winners with £700 raised to help in the forthcoming internationals on the Lake of Menteith. I did win a ten-year-old single malt in the raffle, so it was not a lost cause altogether.

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