Basketball: Rose approach criticised

Scotland’s only female Olympic basketball player, former Kool Kat Rose 
Anderson, may have to endure an undeserved reputation for over-robust play as she embarks on a new career in France.

Anderson had her first game last weekend for French National League side St Paul Reze, the second team of Euroleague club Nantes Reze.

But a French basketball website said this week: “Rose Anderson joining the Cercle Sainte Paul Reze Basket in National Fem 1 (division 3) may not seem like headline news but Anderson is known to all fans of French women’s basketball as, in the Olympic Games, during the match between GB and France, Anderson ran into Edwige Lawson-Wade knocking her flying to the ground which stopped a French fast break.”

Despite this Gallic outburst, the (neutral) international referees in charge of the game (which France won narrowly after overtime) did not even award a foul against the Capital star, let alone an unsporting one.