How the Scotland players rated during 3-0 defeat to Kazakhstan

Ratings out of ten for every Scotland player as Alex McLeish’s men go down 3-0 to Kazakhstan.

Thursday, 21st March 2019, 8:49 pm
Updated Thursday, 21st March 2019, 9:03 pm
Scotland's players line up before the defeat to Kazakhstan. Picture: PA
Scotland's players line up before the defeat to Kazakhstan. Picture: PA
On his competitive debut the Celtic keeper had no chance with the goals and made a superb block from Kuat on the half hour to prevent the humiliation being any deeper. If that were at all possible. (5/10)
The Sheffield Wednesday debutant wasnt the worst. Might have closed down better to prevent the cross that led to the third but the ball was firmly on the slates by then with the right-back area not the cause of that fact. (5/10)
Left back was supposed to be second nature to him, despite having not played there at all this season. It looked as if he had never played there in his life as Kazakhstan cut their visitors apart in that first 10 minutes. (2/10)

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Dynamism and some dazzling digs have framed his recent impressive outings for Aston Villa. They were out of the picture as he was one more player in the Astana Arena who offered next to nothing. (4/10)
As Kazakhstan led Scotland a merry dance, the Hamburg centre-back seemed one of those visiting players that succumbed to the jitterbug. Just never looked comfortable. Played his part in a backline appearing to lack backbone. (3/10)
The Aberdeen centre-back was beaten in the air by Zainutdinov for the third goal. His positioning seemed suspect as Alex McLeishs men were opened up for that early, deadly double salvo. (3/10)
He could not find any means to catch alight on the darkest of evenings. Passed up a glaring opportunity on the hour when he scuffed the sort of effort from close in that he feasted on in the Nations League. Subbed. (3/10)
A captain without an impact, the Celtic man must share the blame for the ignominious outcome. (3/10)
The 22-year-old was given no platform to stake his claim for the lone forward role but did create openings for Armstrong and Forrest. Might have been relieved to be hauled off for Russell in 61 minutes. (3/10)
The one player who raised him above the morass of that cataclysmic opening, it was no coincidence the midfielder fashioned his sides first effort on target - in 54 minutes. Generally played at a level above his sorry team-mates. (5/10)
A couple of surging runs in the opening minutes suggested the on-loan Celtic striker could be a game-changer in the wide left role. Then the game changed and the 22-year-old was rarely witnessed again. (3/10)
There must have been part of him going I came 6,000 miles from the US for this when he replaced McBurnie on the hour with his team 3-0 down. (3/10)
The Manchester United youngster did more than go through the motions after replacing McGinn. Credit to him for that level of professionalism, which required taking some kicks, during a rank amateurish display. (3/10)
A thankless task to play out the final minutes of a game that was long gone, you wonder if the Hibernian on-loan Reading forward wont just put his first cap in a drawer and never open that drawer again. (1/10)