Former Hearts striker Calum Elliot has high hopes for new club Penicuik Athletic

Elliot has been out of a job since leaving Tranent in AugustElliot has been out of a job since leaving Tranent in August
Elliot has been out of a job since leaving Tranent in August
New Penicuik Athletic boss Calum Elliot’s first aim is to reinstall a winning mentality at the club.

Elliot took his time to select his next move in management after departing Tranent unexpectedly last August.

Elliot’s Tranent’s side went toe-to-toe with Penicuik for the East of Scotland Premier title last season with Tranent winning the league on the final day of last season on goal difference.

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“Once Stevie had made the decision that he was moving on, they asked if I could come along to the game last Saturday,” said Elliot. “We had a chat and I just felt it was the right time and the right club to get back into management again.

“There had been a few opportunities but either the timing or location hadn’t been right. I have come up against Penicuik as an opposition manager and I have got lot of respect for the club, I’m desperate to do well and move the club forward.

“I enjoyed spending time with my family and being able to go to different games in different leagues. I was able to relax a bit more and actually sleep. In the last six weeks it’s hit home how much I miss it, especially on a Saturday, I have missed that feeling, especially when you are winning.

“I treat it as close to a full-time job as I possibly can. I want to be there for the players whenever they need me, whether that is football related or otherwise.”

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Ahead of Saturday’s trip to Oakley United, Elliot continued:

“I don’t think anybody is catching Linlithgow now, but there is still a lot to play for. We want to win games on a consistent basis so we do have that feeling going into next season.

“I have a good idea of the players and their strengths and what they can improve on. I want them to get that same feeling back that they had last year when they were going into games desperate to win. It’s not going to happen overnight but it’s certainly something that I will work extremely hard to put in place as early as possible.”

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