All Hearts fans need to know ahead of the Betfred Cup semi-final against Celtic

Hearts are expected to take more than 30,000 supporters to BT Murrayfield for the semi-final. Picture: SNS Group
Hearts are expected to take more than 30,000 supporters to BT Murrayfield for the semi-final. Picture: SNS Group
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A handy guide for Hearts fans ahead of this weekend’s Betfred Cup semi-final clash with Celtic at BT Murrayfield

Where are Hearts fans situated in the stadium?

Tickets for the match were split 50/50, and Hearts have been allocated half of the seating in the West Stand Lower and West Stand Upper; half the seating in the East Stand Lower and East Stand Upper plus the whole of the South Stand Lower and South Stand Upper.

What turnstiles are open to Hearts fans?

Hearts fans should enter the arena via the South West Turnstiles and Roseburn Street Turnstiles (by the Murrayfield tram stop).

Where’s the singing section?

The Singing Section is housed in Section 11 in the South Stand Lower, directly behind the goal.

How many Hearts tickets have been sold?

At the last count, more than 27,000 although the Tynecastle side are expecting further sales this week.

I’m coming by coach - where will we be dropped off?

Event related Hearts coaches will be directed to Balgreen Road (between Gorgie Road and Stevenson Road); the north side of Gorgie Road between Balgreen Road and Chesser Avenue, and Balgreen Road and Westfield Road; the east side of Wheatfield Place and the north side of Wheatfield Street.

What’s the story with segregation?

Cops will likely want to keep both sets of supporters apart before and after the match as far as possible, although transport links could make this logistically complex given the location of the Murrayfield tram stop and Haymarket Station. Police Scotland Assistant Chief Constable Bernard Higgins said earlier this week: “We will be working closely with British Transport Police colleagues to ensure the safe transit of thousands of supporters from across the country.”

What’s the general advice from the police?

Police have reminded fans that drinking alcohol in public is prohibited in Edinburgh, and banned on public transport as well.

It is an offence to be drunk, or in possession of alcohol, on board a coach or minibus travelling to any sporting event. Spot-checks will be carried out by officers to enforce this.

No alcohol is permitted in the stadium, and supporters have been reminded that it is illegal to attempt to enter the stadium while in possession of any pyrotechnic devices - so flares, smoke bombs etc.

What road closures and parking restrictions are there?

Several parking restrictions will be in place while numerous roads will also be closed for at least part of the day. An extensive guide to road closures and parking restrictions can be found here>>>

What’s the nearest station to the ground?

Haymarket Station is around a 20-25 minute walk from the stadium, while Waverley Station is around 45 minutes away on foot, or around 20 minutes by bus / tram.

What about a pre-match refreshment?

Although not confirmed, it is likely that police will look to keep the two sets of supporters separate before and after the kick-off. This would likely mean the “Celtic side” of the stadium and the bars / pubs in the area e.g. The Murrayfield Hotel, the Roseburn would be no-go areas for Hearts fans.