'As bad as Livingston 5-0', wholesale changes', 'Too much deadwood' - Hearts fans furious at loss to Alloa in Betfred Cup

Hearts fans were despondent and enraged after seeing their team go out of the Betfred Cup to part-time Alloa.

By Joel Sked
Saturday, 28th November 2020, 6:23 pm
Hearts fans were NOT happy with the loss to Alloa in the Betfred Cup. Picture: sNS
Hearts fans were NOT happy with the loss to Alloa in the Betfred Cup. Picture: sNS

@Amoruso1998: “Well I paid my £12 today more fool me. Everyone will have their boo boy favourites that they will want to point fingers at but ultimately this is a collective failure from the club today. Rather than a bonus the SC is now acting as a comfort blanket which is a slight concern.”

@ThisMyStoryPod: “As bad a result as Livingston 5 Hearts 0. A part time football team. Don’t worry tho, as a football club we just accept this nonsense, manager not being good enough will just be laughed off. The standards are so low. He won’t even have to explain himself to Budge, just move on.”

@JambosPins: “Shocking performance! Players need to get the f*****g finger oot.”

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@HeartsRant: “57 years now. Embarrassingly bad.”

@lewismckenzie_: “Good to see the players are playing for places ahead of a cup final. Most of them will be lucky to play in one again based on what we’ve seen recently. Brutal.”

@lewisfrain: “Let's not overreact but that is a terrible result. There is still a lack of creativity in general so I'd like to see more of a chance given to Andy Irving. League is priority and it will be no plain sailing.”

@CocoSaysFTH: “Just when I thought last years side would be the team I loathed most, this mob are doing a decent job at changing my mind already.”

@john92200760: “Beating Hibs doesn’t mean the season if finished, the most half arsed performance too much deadwood in this squad.”

@IainMcGill: “Why on earth we have single player from last seasons team still on the books, never mind a team full of them, is beyond me... they’re not interested…”

@JugumServa: “It’s back to the future, I’m living last season all over again. The fans are keeping this club afloat, they deserve so so much better than this. When I see what we are paying for a seriously question my FOH monthly contribution. Big wages but no big performances.”

@AlanBM91: “We don't look interested, expecting to turn up and win again. That attitude needs stamped out of the players asap or were in trouble.”

@Blythy5: “Not one to over react about a result but I don’t see what Lee & Halliday bring to the midfield. Irving is by far our most creative midfielder and he can’t get a game. Apart from Josh our wingers are s**** and we don’t have a goal scorer. Not looking good for the season.”

@markmacdonald78: “Turgid. Beat by a part time side and we’ll have Robbie saying not to panic, we can’t win them all. I feel for fans that purchased a season ticket. Absolutely honking and should be ashamed!”

@Keir_7: “You’d think with a cup final around the corner these guys are playing for places. F*** me. We’re eye bleeding to watch, too slow & predictable. No pace or goal threat. Too many players stealing a wage from the club (much like last season).”

@MatthewHarold83: “There needs to be wholesale changes in that Hearts midfield. It's far too slow with zero creativity. Either Neilson has to finally bite the bullet and put faith in younger players for once, or he needs to go out and get someone.”