'Banter years in full flow', 'Toxic atmosphere' - Hearts fans react to Brora Rangers defeat

Hearts fans were left dismayed, disgruntled and downbeat after seeing their side lose 2-1 to Highland League side Brora Rangers in the Scottish Cup.

By Joel Sked
Wednesday, 24th March 2021, 8:26 am

The result will go down as one of the worst in the club’s history, perhaps the worst outright.

Understandably, fans vented after the defeat.

@RFBorthwick: “This is the single most comical Hearts performance I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen loads of them! Can’t even be angry at that, and I feel sorry for anyone who didn’t watch the game. It was like 10 randoms had won a prize to play alongside Gary Mackay-Steven for 90 minutes. The defence was on roller blades and the midfield was playing FIFA on Pro Ev controls. Truly remarkable.”

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@TS_Nicoll: “A genuine low point as a Hearts supporter. Getting shipped out of the Scottish Cup by a Highland League side who haven't been able to play football in over two months is completely unacceptable. Congratulations to @brorarangers – fully deserved.”

@ThisMyStoryPod: “This is a highland league team. We are out of the cup before the clubs we call our “rivals” have even entered the competition.”

@maroonspecs: “That final whistle doesn't just mark the end of the game, but also the end of more than a few Hearts careers. No imagination. No variety. No heart. No fight. No clue. Against Highland League opposition. Highland. League. Anyone who can mitigate that should consider a career in criminal defence.”

@lewismckenzie_: “There is no doubt that this result will wreck the rest of the season. The atmosphere will be toxic. Worst part is that the result isn't even that surprising in itself.”

Hearts fans were dismayed and downbeat after seeing their side lose to Brora. Picture: SNS

@shughamster: “The Banter Years are in full flow.”

@HeartsRant: “Beyond awful. Every single member of that squad and management team should be utterly ashamed.”

@ohjawbone: "Sub-par nearly every week. Don't seem have any sort of idea how we play. Fair play to Brora but changes needed at Hearts pronto.”

@serialsockthief: “I can put up with a lot but that was a kick in the teeth too far for me. I know it’s difficult to get motivated & everything but there’s just no excuse for that result. None. Paying wads of cash upfront and then more every month & away day throughout the season for *that*. Nope.”

@MatthewHarold83: “That Hearts result should be a complete indictment of the Scottish Championship.”

@mrewanmurray: “Hard to get angry about that. The natural conclusion to a season where Hearts have been various shades of embarrassing. Big battle to get further buy-in from supporters now. Well done to Brora.”

@tartanjambo_x: “Don't even wanna hear any excuses. Been ranting how bad we've been for weeks now but this is a new low on a different level. Needs sorting out pronto. Painful to watch every week now! Sort it out! Well done to @brorarangers though. Deserved it more than us the way we play these days!”

@shawzaam: “My team, with the fourth biggest budget in Scottish football, were a penalty shootout away from winning the Scottish Cup and then lost to Brora Rangers in the same competition three months later.”

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