'Can't wait for us to be loaded', 'How many times can a team get relegated' - Hearts, Hibs and Scottish football fans react to league reconstruction decision

League reconstruction won’t be taking place with Hearts consigned to the Championship

The announcement from the SPFL on Monday afternoon that the proposal for league reconstruction had not gained sufficient support brought confirmation that Hearts, Partick Thistle and Stranraer would all be relegated.

As expected, the decision provoked plenty of strong reaction from the Tynecastle club and around Scottish football.

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Hearts have already confirmed they have launched legal action against their demotion.

Hearts have been consigned to the Championship. Picture: SNSHearts have been consigned to the Championship. Picture: SNS
Hearts have been consigned to the Championship. Picture: SNS

What did fans around the country have to say...


@Brad190512: “We all knew self interest would continue to be a cancer in Scottish football. Court it is then.”

@GraemeMcV: “Off to the courts we go. SPFL clubs will have a shock when the compensation bills need divided up. SPFL board badly advised its members here.”

@shoutedinburgh: “They have no idea of the harm they have caused the game. SPFL and SFA shrugging their responsibilities. 36 years a season ticket holder. I won't be back to support this corruption. Hope Hearts, PT and Stranraer take them all the way. Mr Anderson also needs to review why?”

@HeartsThough: “Can’t wait for us to be loaded.”

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@HeartsRant: “Shameful but expected. Let the legal battle commence.”

@maroonspecs: “The mainstream narrative, as it always has throughout this farce, will focus on how this result is a "major blow for Hearts". Yet all that does is deliberately gloss over the injustice suffered by Stranraer and, worse still, Partick. It beggars belief that there are people who feel they can justify relegating Partick from the Championship (and Hearts into it) when there are teams in that league unable to fulfil the basic obligation of a full fixture calendar next season. Double punishment for both clubs. But that essentially sums up how this pandemic has been manipulated by some clubs to suit their own interests: no problem unjustly punishing clubs after a shortened season but unthinkable that they should be expected to play 36 games in such financially uncertain times. For the SPFL to think this will "draw a line under" the issue only further demonstrates their misreading of the situation. This could set the tone for years to come. If clubs can't see past their own doorsteps during a global health crisis, it's highly unlikely they ever will.”

@MatthewHarold83: “Is the game at the Court of Session going to be live streamed and if so will it be included as part of the season ticket?”

@AroundTheFunnel: “Across the 20 top divisions in Europe, Scotland will now be the ONLY one to halt their season & enforce relegation. Two others tried to do this but have lost in court, including one that was voted for in the same manner as the SPFL. And people ask why Hearts would pursue this?”

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@JohnMillar614: “Quite shocking how narrow minded people in Scottish football are. Our game has been dying a slow death for years as other countries have created a product that excites people. Our clubs rely on 4 old firm games each year. Time for some fresh thinking!”

@SuperStevoe: “Heart of Midlothian are pure box office.”

@jamb0skickback: “Things we can do to support: Buy season tickets. Sign up to @The_FOH.”

@k_hall90: “The Heart of Midlothian siege mentality is growing by the day.”

@serialsockthief: “No messing about. Almost like we’ve been expecting and preparing for it...”

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@JordanFinlayso1: “The Hearts documentary is about to turn into a series of suits.”

@McIverTheMark: “Honoured to support and be a part of this club. Let's do this.”

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Hearts launch legal action against SPFL over relegation


@archigoles: “16 out of 42. Not even close. Embarrassing for Budge. She has 2 months to get a reconstruction - what a waste of time. I take we won’t hear anything about how unfair the voting system is?”

@davecoats1984: “Just under 62% of clubs against reconstruction. It’ll all be Hibs’ fault though.”

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@DuncMcKay: “In reality, I feel for the fans of Hearts, Thistle and Stranraer. The sad fact is that Scottish football is short-termism writ large.”

Thomas Huggie Hall: “How can you take anyone to court to fight against a democratically taken decision which you voted in favour of?”

Sean Gorrie: “How many times can a team get relegated in one season?!?”

Steven McKenzie: “I just can't believe it. Absolute madness that the team finishing bottom is getting relegated. Unheard of.”


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@thomson_scott: “Disgusted that SPFL members have given a kick to those who are down and sticking out a hand for help. Sad also to see the door shut on @KeltyHeartsFC and @brorarangers. A dark day for Scottish football.”

@tic_tac_tic: “The thing I can't get through all this is the fact Hearts supporters seem to think being 4 points adrift at the bottom (15 defeats) was somehow inflicted on them by others' self-interest...”

@PureFitbaw: “LaLiga might be back but it's about to get messy in Scotland too.”

@Footballstewart: “Hearts (possibly others) now suing the SPFL. Top flight is pencilled in to begin in a month and a half. All the best.”

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@mershdoes: “The introduction of the pyramid has been one of the biggest successes of recent Scottish football times. It has stimaulated growth outside the SPFL and rejuvenated many clubs.”

To see that door shut today, even just for one season, undermines it and is hugely disappointing.

@craigvickers_: “Hearts could feasibly fight to suspend the August 1 start date of the top flight. Players already back in training across the country with that return date in mind. This is only getting started...”

@jamiebeatson: “I’d love to see Hearts’ working on where they’re going to lose £4 million by virtue of relegation. They’ll almost certainly not lose out on crowds, they won’t cut prices, and they’ll get a parachute payment in lieu of the Premiership TV money. And cut the bloated squad.”

@smiggy_13: “A sad day for Scottish football...”

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@HamiltonRory: “Something this period has shown, for the SPFL at least, is that a members’ organisation simply doesn’t work. Yes, the votes are democratic, but it’s a process dealing with far too many agendas that simply makes progress and change almost impossible.”

@pieandbov: “Hearts better hope this court hearing is in Edinburgh. They haven’t won a league fixture outside of the capital since March 2019.”

@BSCGlasgowFC: “cool pyramid bro.”

@DazSmith1872: “League reconstruction is NEVER going to happen unless the SPFL enforce it. Forget this voting nonsense. There are too many clubs that have absolutely zero ambition and are happy to make up the numbers without looking at the bigger picture and that’s not just the lower divisions”