Coronavirus in Scotland: Ryan Stevenson, former Hearts striker, offers to donate wages to Stranraer

Blues star keen to help Stair Park club through coronavirus uncertainty

Ryan Stevenson in action for Stranraer against Falkirk
Ryan Stevenson in action for Stranraer against Falkirk

Ryan Stevenson has offered to forego his wages in a bid to help Stranraer during the Scottish football shutdown.

The spread of COVID-19 prompted the suspension of the game in Scotland at all levels last week, and some smaller clubs are braced to take a huge financial hit.

The 35-year-old, who joined the Stair Park side in January, is happy to return his wages to the club if it helps them survive.

Steevnson, who owns a property factoring company, told BBC Radio Scotland’s Sportsound programme that he would prefer his salary to be kept by the club.

“I’ve offered to hand my wages back if the club wants them,” he said.

“From my point of view, the wages I get from Stranraer are helpful, but under the circumstances I just couldn’t do it when you know you could be putting a club into a serious, serious position.

“There might not be a club to go back to.

“For the majority of players, it is a job but for fans it is their life, if they have grown up through the generations supporting a club. I’m an Ayr United fan; so is my dad and his dad before him.

“So I’ve offered to donate my wages back. Whether it helps them massively I doubt it but any little contribution under the circumstances will do some good.

“I don’t see [the situation] changing any time soon.”