Daniel Stendel tells Hearts to use his wages to pay other staff - but German free to leave if club relegated

Manager returns to Germany after Coronavirus outbreak
Daniel Stendel is prepared to give his wages to other Hearts employees.Daniel Stendel is prepared to give his wages to other Hearts employees.
Daniel Stendel is prepared to give his wages to other Hearts employees.

Hearts manager Daniel Stendel has told the club to use his wages to pay other members of staff as cuts hit hard at Tynecastle Park.

Owner Ann Budge wants all staff to take a 50 per cent drop in salary, but Stendel asked her to divert all his monies to colleagues who may need it more than him.

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The German is free to walk away from Hearts if they are relegated this summer as his contract is only valid to work in the Scottish Premiership.

He is eager to help avoid the drop but will be able to leave if that does not materialise. Details in the two-and-a-half-year deal he signed last December state that the agreement would end at the point of relegation.

Hearts sit four points adrift at the bottom of the league with eight matches remaining. It is unknown if those will be played with football suspended due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Stendel has flown home to Germany to be with his family in the meantime. He will accept no wage until football resumes, provided Hearts cover his insurances and expenses.

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His representative, Timo Rodewald, told the Evening News: “Daniel spoke to Ann and said he is happy for his salary to be used to pay other people. Some of the guys he has brought in have had to take wage cuts to be with him in Edinburgh, so Daniel wants to look after them. He wants to make sure they don’t take as big a cut.

“Daniel is more than happy to take a much bigger cut. He did not say he would work for free. He told Ann that, if she can cover his insurances and expenses, then the rest of his salary can go to others. He does not want this to be a big pubicity stunt, he just wants to help the club.”

Asked about Stendel’s contract ending in the event of relegation, Rodewald admitted: “This was negotiated back in December but, yes, his contract is only valid for the Premiership. He would not want to work in the second division.

“He also thinks that, as a coach, if you cannot save a club from relegation, then it is maybe best if you do not continue. There has to be some responsibility if you cannot keep the team in the league.

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“Daniel has always believed that Hearts can stay up and he convinced this will happen in the last eight games. He is preparing for that right now and continues to work every day with this in mind. He is happy in Edinburgh and he likes working for Hearts.”